I’m a firm believer that the proper work out wear can not only enhance your workout, but it can actually encourage you to get to the gym! I’ve purchased a lot of workout wear over the years and after the age of forty and beyond, I’ve noticed that I have different requirements when it comes to what I’m wearing to the gym. Workout wear over 40 needs to pull some heavy duty work in several departments.

I demand workout wear that makes me look like I workout more than I actually do! It needs to suck in, smooth out, boost up, be comfortable, be durable, wash well, and of course look good! Now, that’s actually a lot to ask out of a garment but those are my requirements and I’ve found a few brands that actually meet all of those.

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Workout wear over 40
Top, Leggings, Shoes by Fabletics here. Jacket here. Hat is old.


I don’t skimp on leggings. You can try cheaper brands but you simply won’t get the same look or performance from them if you’re more mature. I only wear 2 brands of leggings for working out. In addition to my lengthy list of requirements above, leggings also need to be squat-proof and completely opaque. Let’s talk about Zella leggings first. While they are a little pricey, they can be found on sale often at places like Nordstrom Rack. Zella Live In leggings are made of a thick, very substantial fabric that will pull you in and smooth you out instantly. These are definitely good enough to also wear with tunics, etc. They are squat proof and will literally go through hundreds of washings without losing their shape or elasticity. They require no extra care and handle just about anything you throw at them. (I’d look for them in the upcoming Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale!)

Workout wear over 40
Top by Walmart here. Leggings by Zella here. Shoes by Fabletics here.

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I also wear, love and highly recommend Fabletics. Ladies- Fabletics leggings literally make you look better before you ever set foot in the gym! No lie, Fabletics makes the powerhouse of leggings and they make them in a huge array of prints and solids. They smooth out your legs, boost your backside and whittle your waist to look a size smaller the second you put them on. My favorites are the High Waisted Power Hold.

Workout wear over 40
Top by Amazon (comes in lots of colors) here. Leggings and shoes by Fabletics here.

The deal with Fabletics is that they have an introductory deal for 2 pairs of leggings for $24. That’s an insane bargain. The catch is that its a sort of membership and honestly…..how many pairs of leggings and work out tops do I actually need? So, I highly suggest just signing up- picking out your two pairs of the High Waisted Power Hold leggings and then canceling your membership if that’s all you’re needing. You will be so happy with the look and the quality of these leggings!

Here is the link to get 2 pair of Fabletics leggings for $24—> SHOP 2 for $24 LEGGINGS.

These also wash and wear extremely well. They are totally durable and will go through loads of washings without losing shape or elasticity. They require no extra care.

Workout wear over 40

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I own a few tops from Fabletics and Zella as well and while they are good, but they don’t really WOW me, like the leggings. They are a little too “cutesy” and I just don’t think they are worth the price like the leggings are. I like a plain, loose-fitting tank that still has some shape to it using seaming. The best deal I’ve found are these cute tops from Amazon. They come in a ton of colors and you get three for $19.99. I love them! For size reference, I’m in a medium top, to accommodate ample boobage and they work great. They have nice seams that help give you a little shape without being clingy and they are a nice length. (Wearing the grey one with the camo leggings above.)

Workout wear over 40
Bag by Fabletics here.

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Except in the dead of summer, I almost always wear a light jacket to the gym. I wear it until I warm up and then it usually gets tied around my waist. These are my go-to’s because they are so lightweight but still give that nice light layer on your bare skin that is so appreciated when in the air conditioning, etc. These jackets pull multi-duty and they go everywhere with a ton of form and function. These are made from reputable outdoor brands to be able to stand whatever you throw at them. The Arcteryx Cita jacket is actually my second one when I wore the other one to threads after about 4 years. I highly recommend either of these brands. They both have a flattering cut, shape and seaming and they are worth the investment.

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Workout wear over 40
Jacket discounted here. Best water bottle ever here. Wireless Bluetooth sport headphones here.


I’m a DD, so this is an area that I can’t skimp on. If you have a small chest there are some beautiful work out bras right now. I’ve linked a few of them that I really love, but that can’t work for me. This is my go-to, workhorse of a work out bra. It holds everything in and keeps it still, without the dreaded uni-boob. It works for everything from running to yoga, and anything in between. Like all bras, they perform better, longer if you treat them well- and I never do- and this one still holds up remarkably well. I’d also like to try this one from Wacoal.

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I hope that you found this “workout wear over 40”, post helpful. I feel really confident about every one of these pieces and I think you will love them as well.

Workout wear over 40

P.S.- I’ve heard a lot of young IG-ers rave about these leggings from Amazon. I have no history with them but thought that I’d mention them. Let me know if you’ve tried them!

Until Next Time Lovelies!

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