We had to leave the house early this morning and it was -11! Thats cold even by most of Colorado standards! (Winter Park Co excluded one of our sons lives there and it can be -20 below!). If you’ve followed me awhile, you know that Colorado is now home but we’ve lived in Virginia, Utah and Montana. I’ve learned how to dress for winter temps and stay WARM. Here are the essentials to build winter outfits that actually keep you warm. Now is a great time to grab these staple items if you need them since they are all on sale.

1. Base Layer

I prefer silk for a base layer. It is SO thin and comfortable and doesn’t bunch up next to your skin. This is what you need when it’s FRIGID outside. I promise you that this one simple thin, comfy layer will make the most amazing difference in your level of warmth. You seriously won’t believe it! I wear these skiing, camping, snow shoeing and basically any time I know the temps will be really cold and I’ll be outdoors for awhile. I get mine here and they are on major sale right now. Because they are 100% silk they are naturally wicking and odor resistant. These will easily last for many years.

2. Fleece Lined Leggings

These are great because you can wear them under ski pants or any other major outer layer if you need it- or you can wear them on their own. They are no problem with boots and they can provide the base for an effortless chic or sporty winter look. The fleece lining over your silk base layer will keep you warm and comfortable without feeling bulky. Depending on the temps, just wearing with a plush fleece and a warm beanie can be enough.

3. Cashmere Sweater

A cashmere sweater, layered over your silk base layer is unbelievably light weight, comfortable and toasty warm without making you sweat! I pick up cashmere pieces at this time of the year because they are marked down so low. I go for basic, neutral colors and of course you’ll never go wrong with black!

4. Down or Prima Loft Parka

Performance wear has come a LONG way. It’s incredibly light weight, packable and oh so warm. If you are looking for extreme warmth in outdoor active wear you can’t go wrong with Arcteryx or Patagonia. These pieces are meant to last and to take a beating. If you want something a little more elevated for a winter trip or dining out when its really cold- I love the Bernardo brand of outerwear. Their coats are extremely warm. packable and have a feminine cut to them that gives you a shape rather than just the straight up and down look!

winter outfits. How to construct chic outfits that will keep you warm!
Beanie, Puffer coat, Sorel boots

5. Winter Boots

The Sorel winter boots (currently on sale) are hard to beat if you’re looking for warmth, water proof and fashion all rolled into one. They look great on everyone and they’ll last you FOREVER. I’ve had mine for over 5 years, wear them every time it snows and they show zero wear. Grab a pair of good winter socks while you’re at it and I promise you- your feet will be warm and toasty even in the coldest temps.

6. Beanies, Mittens & Scarves

Get yourself a GOOD beanie to keep your head and ears warm. The brand Spyder makes performance wear beanies that are chic, at a good price point and will 100% keep your head really warm without getting sweaty. Mittens are going to be warmer than gloves, so grab a pair with the flip tops so that you can use your fingers when ever you need to! If you need or want one more accessory, a scarf can add a lot to your look and bring one more layer of warmth at the same time. If you’re looking to put a winter outfit together get a warm, complimentary colored scarf for the finishing touch!(This one is a Burberry dupe)

winter outfits. How to construct chic outfits that will keep you warm!
Beanie, Sweater, Camel Coat (similar)

If you follow my guide to dressing warm, you’ll never be cold again! It’s really the key to actually ENJOYING winter, rather than just surviving it! Hoping everyone is getting through the latest frigid temps. Poor Texas isn’t prepared for temperatures like this! Some of us have quite a bit of winter to go before we can begin thinking of spring, but I’m here for it- we got the most beautiful snow last night! Thanks so much for reading, ladies and I hope that you found this helpful….. Stay warm out there!

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 winter outfits. How to construct chic outfits that will keep you warm!

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