Hi ladies! Happy New Year! The start of a new decade…..2020. As I looked back over all of our photos from the last 10 years, it was really long and super short- all at the same time!

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2020 and welcoming the new year! What to expect here on the blog in 2020.
Sweater, glitter pencil skirt in LOADS of colors- less than $30.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so so much for following me here, on Instagram and on Facebook. It means the world to me that you take time out of your day to be here- like, literally….it means so much to me! I’ve taken a bit of time off to tend to family and really devote some time and thought to our future, the future of this blog, etc. 2019 was a crazy-stressful year for us right up until the last! I wanted to let you know what to expect here in 2020.


You may or may not know that my husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack before Christmas. We were about to walk our dog Winston near Garden of the Gods when it hit. He went from zero- to severe debilitating pain. He could barely walk and his throat was tightening making it impossible to talk or breathe clearly. Every day Troy takes W by himself in the mornings to walk and it was only through an unusual incident that I happened to be with him that morning. Less than 5% of people survive a sudden cardiac arrest. The cardiologist chalked up his survival to the closeness of the ER, (I drove him- bawling and shaking like a leaf- but we were there in minutes) how quickly he got aspirin and the fact that he has taken such good care of himself his entire life. Bad genetics (his dad passed away at age 53 of a SCA) and probably an overabundance of stress over the last 2 years are the main culprits.

SO. Nothing like a terrible, life-threatening emergency to really make you re-evaluate your life choices, huh?

It’s been a lot to process for sure. Since my husband is literally the very picture of health in every other way, AND we’re no strangers to proper nutrition and exercise- we are researching and working with an integrative endocrinologist to make whatever appropriate changes we need to make, in order for him to be the poster child for cardiac recovery. (P.S- We are NOT on the low protein, low fat, high carb bandwagon OR on the high fat, low carb bandwagon. We will be getting regular bloodwork throughout to show the effects of our diet/exercise approach if you’re interested.)

2020 and welcoming the new year! What to expect here on the blog in 2020.
I swear by this hydration mix every morning!

In 2020 you can expect to see a lot more health, exercise and nutrition posts here on the blog. So many of you have reached out to say that this is a subject that you want to hear more about – and that you’d like inspiration to begin making healthy changes in your own life, so I’m hoping to bring more of that in 2020!


In the fashion arena this year I’ll be attempting to bring you more “finds”(Like these boots that SO many of you bought! They were my best sellers of 2019). Things that are budget-friendly, good quality and that you can actually wear multiple ways- rather than just pieces to cram into your closet. My go-to style is still forever casual so that won’t be changing. I would also like to bring you more ways to wear items that you probably already own! As I’ve said before- I actually have a small closet. Too many items stress me out so I try to cultivate my closet carefully and only keep things that I really love and can wear multiple ways, so in 2020 I’d like to share more of that with you to help you love and wear what you already own.

2020 and welcoming the new year! What to expect here on the blog in 2020.
Earrings, sweater, vest, jeans, boots, handbag, bracelet stack. (currently under $20!)

Skincare & Makeup

Skincare will always be an important topic for women over 40….because…..it’s our FACE. I am going to continue to try to include products that *really* work to address different common issues that we all experience, as well as potent products for different skin types.


Amazing to me- but I’ve been asked a lot this year for makeup and hair tutorials! I’m actually working on getting a place set up to do that as we speak, so that will be new territory here on the blog. I’m no expert but I’m happy to share what I do and what works (and doesn’t work) for me!

2020 and welcoming the new year! What to expect here on the blog in 2020.
You can read my review of this palette here.

Organization & Technology

Technology and Organization! Too often we can get frustrated and overwhelmed with all of the different technology and organizational choices available to us. In 2020 I’d LOVE to try to make some of those things simpler and more accessible to you so that you can choose what is actually helpful for you in your life. I’m a pen and paper girl for life, but there have been some truly helpful apps, tools and gadgets that have enhanced my productivity and organization!

Spliced among all of this I’m really hoping to bring more travel-related posts as well as my first-ever give-a-ways! I hope you will follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest where I try to post different content on each platform but all as it relates to women over 40! You can always shop all my looks and anything else I’ve talked about through the “Shop” tab here on the blog or follow Fresh Air and False Lashes in the LikeToKnowIt app!

If there is anything that you would EVER like for me to research, talk about, try out, write about, etc please reach out to me here or even faster- DM me on Instagram.

Thank you so much for your support here as well as on my social platforms. I feel like I’ve come to know so many of you personally and I’m excited to grow this community even bigger in 2020! Happy New Year lovelies!

2020 and welcoming the new year! What to expect here on the blog in 2020.