This is one of my favorite posts for the whole year! I love showing gifts to you that you haven’t seen everywhere else! I cultivate this guide all year long and I hope that this is a great resource for you! I like to spotlight smaller businesses, who have unique products that feel really special. Let’s dive right into my own unique holiday gift guide!

Unique Holiday gift guide

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Personalized Gifts

Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel – My mom and my grandma kept all their recipes on index cards in a little tin box. If you have your grandma’s recipes on old index cards this is such a sweet way to preserve and pass those recipes down! For yourself or as a lovely gift for the younger generations. The recipes can be transferred “as is” or in a “cleaned up” handwritten version and you have a choice of tea towels or flour sacks $20.

Personalized Name Pillow– another great gift for MIL, Mom or Grandma. A sweet handmade pillow with all of the names of the kids or grandkids on it. My mom would love this one!

Other special gifts from Etsy

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unique holiday gift guide

OTG247 Organizational Bags

OTG247 is the perfect gift forever and always. If you’ve been around here long- you know my love for these bags and their organizational system ever since I first got to work with this company. These bags have revolutionized my packing and I’ll never use anything else. Forget packing cubes- these are a thousand times better! (If you want to see how I use these bags to pack read this post– it’ll change your life.) This is the organizational system you’ve been looking for. SHOP THEM HERE, Use Code: LASHES for 10% off (they rarely do sales, so this is big!)

unique holiday gift guide

The bags are simply beautiful and make the perfect gift for anyone. These are my go-to gift – I’ve given these to my sisters, to my little niece, to my daughter- and more. They all love them and they all use them differently! They are vegan leather, WATERPROOF, have a beautifully embossed OTG247 on each one and they have a lovely, heavyweight, designer zipper. There are countless colors, designs and sizes and they create the ultimate organizational system for the woman on the go! Even my no-fuss daughter uses these when she travels to South Africa!

unique holiday gift guide
unique holiday gift guide

Fair warning- these bags are addictive and there is literally something for every personality! Once you get started, it’s pretty hard to stop! I use them for everything and I recommend this company and their product 100%! They are also very hands-on in giving back to those in need by giving of their time, talents and financial resources to a handful of excellent organizations, so you can feel great about shopping here.

unique holiday gift guide

SHOP OTG247 HERE and use Code: LASHES for 10% off your entire purchase through January 2020. You won’t be sorry- they’re just that good!

The Gift That Gives

Allow me to introduce you to Yobel Market. If you are local here in Colorado Springs, you may have visited their retail boutique inside of Ivy Wild School House. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the owners and employees of Yobel Market and I wanted to share their amazing mission with you. They are a “social enterprise” developing communities around the world using a business model that is 100% sustainable! SHOP YOBEL HERE

The folks behind Yobel since it’s beginning, are about empowering and promoting the value of exploited, displaced, and impoverished people groups of the world through the development of sustainable economic opportunities. Yobel Market reduces poverty by empowering artisans to establish income generation projects through business training and fair trade principles.  SHOP YOBEL HERE

unique holiday gift guide

The information on each piece will give you the country of origin, the emphasis of the project, materials used and a little bit about the project itself that led to the production of the product. It’s an online shopping experience like none other.

From their site: “We are not “For Profit,” we are “For Purpose.” They are incredibly committed to their mission and if you ever get the time to stop in and chat with them or just peruse their web site– good luck not getting swept up in their enthusiasm and passion for ending poverty around the globe! SHOP YOBEL HERE.

unique holiday gift guide

Random Gifts

Here are some other items that you may not have come across but are definitely in need of mentioning!

Um. WHO doesn’t need this gadget in their life? Phone Soap houses two scientifically proven germicidal UV-C bulbs that completely sanitize your entire phone, killing 99.99% of all bacteria and germs. In addition, the unit offers one USB port and one USB-C port for charging. Yes, Please! Snag it now at 20% off here.

unique holiday gift guide

Who wouldn’t love a box of champagne gummy bears Made with Dom Perignon Champagne!

Or what about a scratch-off map for the places that you’ve traveled to in the United States?

Does someone need an upgrade for their Apple watch? This one is a stunner in rose gold, with sleek, scalloped edges.

These giant knit blankets are so beautiful and cozy! Their texture makes them an instant show stopper and they look so lovely next to a fireplace, in a reading room or on a bed.

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For the Man who Has Everything

Next year I am absolutely having Troy do a men’s gift guide! One of my most asked questions the last few months has been about what sort of gifts I get for him. Below are some stocking stuffers and small gifts for the guy who is hard to buy for:

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I hope that you enjoyed reading my unique holiday gift guide as much as I enjoyed writing it! I love sharing gift ideas with you that you may not have seen elsewhere. Don’t forget to enjoy the Christmas season as you tend to all.the.things. The world can be so heavy, so remember that Christ came…..He is our Emanuel…..God. With. Us. You are loved more than you could ever know! Merry Christmas lovelies!