Skincare Fridge. All you need to know.

A skincare fridge is the greatest luxury gadget that I didn’t know I needed. (And it’s under $50.) I received this skincare fridge for Christmas and after using it for the last month, I don’t know how I lived without it!

What is a Skincare Fridge?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a tiny mini-fridge to keep skincare products, masks and tools in. So extra, right? lol.

I used to keep products like my facial mist and jade roller in our actual refrigerator in the kitchen. Now, aside from getting tired of being asked about those items every time someone opened the door for a snack, there was also another problem- I’d forget to use them….. Because they were in the kitchen!

The skincare fridge sits on my bathroom counter and I look forward to opening it up and placing those cooling products on my skin first thing in the morning! Keeping your products cold greatly reduces puffiness on your face and eyes in the morning and OMG that icy cold jade roller feels ah-mazing. It’s actually made me much more consistent with all of my serums. before, if I was in a hurry, I might skip one or two and get on with my day. Not any more! I look FORWARD to those cold serums on my face.

What can you put in a Skincare Fridge?

  • Natural and Organic skincare products: most of these don’t have a preservative in them, so refrigeration can extend their shelf life and efficacy.
  • Facial mists: from Evian to Mario Badescu you NEED a cold facial mist on your face in the morning. Wake up!
  • Medication: (including Retin-A)
  • Eye Creams: A cold eye cream will help with depuffing.
  • Serums and toners
  • Face and Eye Masks: A cold eye mask will give you major depuffing !
  • Beauty tools: Jade Roller and Gua Sha- used for lymphatic drainage and depuffing, these are more effective when cold.
Skincare Fridge. All you need to know.

What NOT to Put in your Skincare Fridge

  • Clay facial masks: these can harden when refrigerated.
  • Facial oils that have more than one ingredient: they may separate when refrigerated.
  • Lip balm: will harden.

Whats in my Skincare Fridge?

Seems so luxe right? And it’s adorable. But who knew how much this little gadget would help the consistency of my skincare routine, simply because I enjoy it more? You can buy the very best skincare with the very best ingredients but if you aren’t using it consistently, it’s not going to do any good! Do you have a skincare fridge yet? Is it something you think you’d like or is it too over the top for you?

P.S.- you could also put snacks in it, but don’t say you read that here.

Skincare Fridge. All you need to know.

Shop My Skincare Fridge

Some of the skincare that I use is gifted to me and they can be priced on the high end, so I have another post that I’m preparing on the very best of the latest drugstore brand skincare products. I love digging into all the science and finding the most effective skincare products on the market for the least amount of $$ for you, so stay tuned for that.

The skincare fridge. Everything you need to know.

Thanks so much for reading!

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