best supplements for women over 40

If you’ve been around here awhile, you know that I am a big believer in investing in my health and wellness. It makes so much sense to me to do the things that will help me feel better, look better as well as to live a higher quality of life. I mean why WOULDN’T I, right? One of the things I’m always on the lookout for are high quality supplements for women over 40. I’ve tried a BUNCH. From putting together my own concoctions on Amazon, to higher quality brands like Goop and Perricone MD. I’m happy to say that after using Persona Nutrition my search is finally over for the best supplements for women over 40! This has been such a help to me over the past several months that I wanted to share with you in case you’re looking for a good vitamin and supplement plan to get 2021 started off right.

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How Does This Supplement Program Work?

One of the most impressive things about Persona Nutrition is that the entire process is completely customized to YOUR body and needs. You take a pretty in depth but straight forward assessment online (it even takes drug interactions into account!). You can identify your own personal issues such as weight loss, lack of sleep, fatigue, etc. After you complete the assessment Persona’s nutritionists will provide their recommendations on what you should be taking, when and why. You can add or delete any vitamins or supplements that you want or don’t want in your packs. It’s completely customizable to fit your own needs and budget. Once you place your finalized order, your supplements are shipped to you and mine arrived quickly.

What’s so great about these supplements?

Well, for starters- they WORK. I feel so great taking these supplements that I don’t EVER forget to take them! (They also have an app if you’d like to set custom reminders.) They boost my energy levels during the day without being jittery and I just FEEL the difference- which is a major requirement for me when it comes to supplements.

They come in individualized, daily packets- one for morning and another for before bedtime. There is no bad taste and I’ve had zero nausea with these.

Besides boosting my energy levels, I’m sleeping really well and my digestion is now so perfect that I feel like I deserve a reward. (I’m still taking and loving this CBD oil at night as well.)

Persona Nutrition supplements are manufactured from start to finish in the US and they come with a completely transparent quality analysis to provide the dosage of each ingredient that is in the product.

Are These Supplements Just For Women?

No they are not! And in fact, I’ve had such great success with Persona Nutrition, that Troy is planning on taking the assessment and getting on the program as well. It’s a relief to know that they will take his current heart medication into account so that we don’t have to be concerned with drug interactions.

best supplements for women over 40

How Do These Supplements Compare in Price to other brands?

Because Persona Nutrition is completely customizable, the overall cost is completely up to you. Taking the entire recommendation of my nutritionist the cost for me was about the same as the other quality vitamins and supplements I’ve taken. The problem that I always run into with the others is that I have no way of knowing just how long the vitamins have sat on a shelf before they ever make it to me. This is obviously going to affect their effectiveness, so some months I just didn’t feel any different taking them…..(which means I WOULDN’T, lol.) To compare prices Goop vitamins are $90, Perricone MD are $155 and my personal Persona Pack with all included recommendations is $100- but I could customize it for much less if I wanted to. And don’t forget- if you use this link you can get 30% off .

A Few More Benefits Over The Others

So this is very unique to the program- When you order Persona Nutrition supplements, you will have access to your own RDN- Registered Dietician Nutritionist. You can reach out by phone, text or email with any questions or issues you may have all at no extra cost to you!

They also have an app that can help you track your nutrition and health goals as well as send you timely customized reminders to take your supplements.

Ways to Save on Persona Nutrition

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I’m Firmly in the Persona Camp!

These have helped me so much and I always love sharing this kind of content with you all. Finding these no-brainer supplements that actually help me in my daily life, as a woman over 50 is a pretty big deal to me. I’m super excited for Troy to get his and I’ll definitely let you know what his review is.

If you’re looking to give yourself a healthy boost this year I highly recommend giving Persona Nutrition a try. I’m a big believer in investing my time and money on THIS side of my health and wellness. And if 2020 taught us anything at all it was that we need to look after our health and our immune systems!

Let me know if you have any questions about these supplements at all and I will answer them in the comments or feel free to DM me on IG or just email me at Fresh Air and False Lashes .

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