How is everyone doing? We’re doing well here in Colorado and I’ve been so encouraged with how our state and our entire country is coming together to help stop the spread of this awful virus. I’ve seen so many people going out of their way to check on their neighbors, to support small businesses while still maintaining social distancing and people just doing their part to stay home to help stop the spread among the most vulnerable among us. It really makes me proud to be an American.

The best detox ever! Detox bath
What self quarantining looks like in Colorado! Slippers here, laptop case, under $20 here.

For us, I don’t feel like things have slowed down one bit! Most of you know we are mid-move so that’s been a little weird because like everyone else, we aren’t sure what the next few weeks will hold, so we are just in a wait-and-see pattern as far as the move goes but we’re pretty much packed up. But everything else has been full steam ahead. I’m fortunate enough to work from home so work is still happening and even though Troy isn’t traveling right now he’s still putting in the same amount of hours.

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If you’re needing a little de-stressing action or know someone else who does, you simply MUST get this amazing sea soak. I kid you not, this is the very best detox bath that I have EVER used. This left me feeling like I’d just stepped away from a high-end spa treatment! If you are looking for relaxation and restoration from the inside out, in the comfort of your own home: This is it.

The best detox bath ever!
This amazing sea soak can be purchased here. Photo cred: Ayla Beauty.

If you read here often you know that I get my ride or die skincare from this small company in California. They are the only place in the united states that carries this moisturizer from Paris. It has completely transformed my skin and I’ll die if they ever stop making it! Recently, they sent me this sea soak and it could not have come at a more convenient time. Apparently, moving house coupled with a worldwide pandemic can produce a good amount of stress in one’s body. I eagerly tore open the package and began preparing for my detox bath!

You’ve probably heard of the seaweed baths that they’ve been doing in Ireland for generations. This is a version using California’s giant kelp and sea salt. Kelp natural filters out pollutants, acidity and CO2 in the ocean. When combined in a hot bath it will work in a similar fashion for your body. And let me tell ya- this detox bath works!

You pour the generous bag Giant Kelp into the provided cotton bag and tie it closed. Pour the provided sea salt into your bath while you’re running it. Drop the bag of kelp into the bath and let it steep, making a sort of giant tub of seaweed tea.

the best detox bath ever!
Toss your giant “seaweed tea bag” in to make your detox bath!

I lit some candles, grabbed a book and had a glass of drinking water by the tub. The water needs to be hot and you’ll need to stay in for a good 20-30 minutes (yeah-twist my arm).

After about 10 minutes in this soak, my heart started pounding and I broke out into a sweat. Slightly alarmed, I quickly referred back to the instructions and was relieved to see that this was supposed to happen. Oh. Ok good. The bag releases natural mineral-rich gel from the kelp as you soak that you can massage onto your skin and release as much as possible into the bathwater intensifying the detoxification effects.

After a full 30 minute soak, I drank 2 glasses of water and felt so relaxed and sleepy! Thankfully I did this treatment at night because I can’t imagine doing anything after this! I went straight to bed after my detox bath and got the best sleep that I’ve had in months. I woke up the next morning fully rested and feeling like a million bucks!

The best detox bath ever!
Sea Soak Restorative treatment. Photo cred: Ayla Beauty

So. This is not your normal bath, friends. This is a deeply restorative treatment that leaves you with the effects of a spa treatment. I suspect that this is due in large part to the incredible painstaking way that the ingredients are harvested and packaged which you can read about here. If you or someone you know, could use a little relaxation and pampering you will not be disappointed with this incredible treatment. It comes with the entire soak here and you can also buy just the seaweed here. If you are self quarantining right now (like I hope we all are whose jobs allow) this would be a lovely treat to look forward to!

And as I’ve mentioned before, this is my go-to company for all things skincare. You can email and talk to friendly, knowledgable experts who actually answer back and remember your name. They have an amazing online consultation for only $35 which includes handpicked, high-quality skincare samples for your specific skin issues that will be sent to your home. You can find the online consultation here.

Thanks for reading friends! Stay safe out there and keep doing your part to #stopthespread!

The best Detox bath I've ever used!