We recently purchased new luggage from Roam luggage and then took a long and multi-faceted trip abroad using it. I wanted to give you an honest review of this luggage and how it performed.

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UPDATE: I recently had an issue with one of my bags (We now have 4!) that the airline damaged. I reached out to ROAM and within 24 hours I had a code to design a new bag as well as a free prepaid shipping label to return my damaged one! Along with a very personal response, I have to say this is the very best customer service I have ever received from a company. Thank you ROAM!

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When I originally was shopping for luggage, I had narrowed my choices down between Away and Roam. I ultimately decided to go with Roam for 3 reasons:

  1. Roam luggage was fully customizable. I could choose the color of each and every piece of the outside of the bags.
  2. Roam luggage is made of Polycarbonate, so it’s got incredible strength, while still being lightweight. AND that means that the color goes all the way through, so you can’t scratch off the colors.
  3. Time and again on American flights, the airlines make you remove the battery out of any rechargeable luggage before boarding, so the small convenience…….isn’t really.

I ordered my Roam cases online. They have a pretty slick and user-friendly web site and the toughest part of the whole thing is actually deciding on your color combinations for each piece! Honestly- the possibilities are endless! No more mistaking someone else’s luggage for your own at baggage claim! Roam luggage is the only company that lets you completely design the luggage yourself, from handles all the way down to the wheels! And it also comes with a leather monogrammed patch, is made in California and is shipped free.

In less than 10 days my luggage arrived! It was well packaged and each piece comes with it’s own dust jacket for proper storage. The pieces were beautiful. But I was a little apprehensive at how light they were due to being made of polycarbonate. Would they ACTUALLY hold up to the rigors that we were about to put them through? The Globe Trotter large checked bag weighed 10 lbs and The Jaunt carryon weighed only 6lbs.

The other thing that is immediately noticeable is the wheels. These things roll like a dream in all directions, with the tiniest bit of effort. The insides come with 2 completely removable, flat zippered panels that form a compression system for each side as you finish packing.

Roam Luggage. A full review.

The zippered closures are completely waterproof. If you’ve ever sat on a plane and watched your luggage get completely drenched while sitting out on the tarmac, you’ll know why this is an important feature. The zippers are excellent quality and also have a TSA lock. This means that if TSA needs to search your bag (hello JFK! every.damn.time) they can do so without breaking your lock and possibly destroying your luggage (which they are sorry about, but not responsible for.)

A word about our particular trip.

We were traveling on business and we were taking another roller bag that would be filled with products. We had stops all over Switzerland, Austria and Germany and would be traveling by car (both a rental as well as taxi), plane, train, tram, gondola and on foot! We would have multiple meetings requiring decent dress and we would be staying different places from hotels to air bnb’s so that would also require stairs and (hopefully) elevators.

I joked several times that this trip had “potential divorce” written all over it!

Roam Luggage.  A full review.

We are seasoned travelers and my husband, in particular, has been all over the world, so we understand the riggors placed on luggage and know how quickly a trip can be destroyed when it doesn’t stand up to the test! (Ever drug a bag through London after a wheel broke off? Not. fun.)

So, How Did Roam Luggage Perform?

In all honesty, it performed like a dream.

You guys- we beat the ever living heck out of this luggage and the airlines certainly did their part as well! We smashed more stuff into those bags than you would ever believe! Each time, saying, “There’s no way it’s going to close.” And every, single time, those zippers did their thing. We yanked them over countless huge gaps coming out of trains and trams, we took them over cobblestone streets and even up grassy areas! The wheels just kept on going. We had to run to catch a train and I’m telling you the bag almost out-ran me! THAT’S how great the wheels are.

The polycarbonate was amazing- it takes a beating without denting or cracking. In fact I’m not really sure HOW you could destroy it with force.

All the handles did great. Our large bag was over weight but we used the top and side handles over and over again hoisting it into vehicles or into storage areas or up stairs. The telescoping handles are likewise, super strong.

When we returned home, TSA had gone through the bags at JFK and had used the TSA locks and then zippered them back up and re-locked them.

Roam Luggage. A full review.

There were scratches and black scuffs on the bags and on the cream colored sides which I expected. I took a Magic Eraser and every single one came off- the bags looked like new again. I popped them into their dust jackets and stored them in our travel closet.

If you haven’t purchased new luggage in a while and you have any sort of trip coming up, I highly recommend that you update. Luggage has come a long way, and it really does enhance the ease and enjoyment of your trip. I cannot recommend Roam luggage highly enough. You can use my $50 coupon by clicking here> Roam Luggage $50 Off < It really outperformed our expectations. Luggage isn’t cheap and Roam luggage also has an installment plan so that you can make equal payments.

Roam luggage stood up to the test with flying colors and was a great help in our trip being highly successful and going off without a hitch!

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Roam Luggage. An honest and complete review.

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