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 Let’s chat briefly about Vitamin A(Retin A).

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Retin A, My experience over 40

Do you use it?

Holy anti-aging! (Can we still say “anti-aging? What are we saying now for “not wrinkled”?)

WHY was I so scared to use this for so long? <bangs forehead on table>

How I use Retin-A.

I started about 8 months ago, using the very lowest strength (0.025%) every other night before bed. I felt a slight tightness each morning and that was about it for a few weeks. THEN I got a good peeling off of dead skin which was amazing and left my skin looking like I had just come from having an expensive facial. I continued with the lowest strength until I could use it every night, which took a few months. After a few months of that, I moved up to the next strength (0.05%) and used it every other night. I experienced the same effects……..tightness and an eventual peeling. Now I use it every night and I am about to bump up to the highest strength (0.1%). I’ve never experienced any redness or flaking, just that nice peel every so often and I’ve got to say- my skin is looking all the better for it. I expect the effects to be cumulative over time so I am a complete believer.

Where I get it.

In the US, you can only get Vitamin A or Retin-A with a prescription. It seems that it used to be fairly inexpensive until it was found to be such an effective anti-aging skin treatment- then BOOM! You need a script and it’s gonna cost you $100 or more <eye roll>. If your prescription price is too high (and climbing!) and you’d still like to use Retin-A you, can do what I did and order from Reliable RX Pharmacy. 

I’ve had no issues ordering from them whatsoever. The tretinoin is from Johnson & Johnson and the expiration dates are clearly marked, etc. The cost is less than $7 per tube compared with the average $125 for the prescription. Obviously, do your own research, but I’ve been really pleased with my experience ordering from them.(The first time that you order, they do give you a call to confirm your order, but I’ve not gotten a call since placing that first order.)

If you’re looking for more on Budget Skincare that actually works on mature skin, Go Here next. 

What you need to know.

Retin A *IS* a vitamin. It IS strong stuff, so if you have ANY skin conditions or your skin is naturally sensitive to some things, I would strongly advise NOT using this. Talk to your dermatologist before using it at all. The reason it works so well is that it is that Vitamin A is able to penetrate several layers deep into the skin to promote cellular turn over. When used correctly it speeds up the rate at which our skin cells turn over much like they did in our youth. The results are cumulative and over time, with consistent and proper usage, you can see a real difference in your skin.

One of my favorite You Tubers is Angie over at Hot n’ Flashy. I’ve followed her Retin A usage for a long time and she recently did a 5 year update (now THAT’S commitment!) on her Retin A results. Amazing stuff. Have a look for yourself here.

Or watch her video:

Final Thoughts on Retin A

Being the only topical that has been clinically proven time and again to safely turn back the hands of time on your skin, I eventually had to give it a shot and I am so glad that I did. I will probably use it forever and I definitely wish that I’d begun using it at about age 40.

*Just FYI: My skin is normal to dry, no large pores and has never been sensitive to any products.*

At the end of the day, everyone’s skin is different and has different needs so it’s always best to talk to your doctor first and let them recommend what is best for your skin. A quick search on YouTube will also pull up some Retin A horror stories as well- so DO NOT take using it lightly, because you can really damage your skin. In my opinion it is completely worth making the time and effort to see if your doctor thinks it is right for you because the results are pretty amazing over time.

Do you use Retin A? What’s been your experience with it?

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