How I get press on nails to last 2 weeks.

I was forced to ditch the manicurist over the pandemic and while I’ve never enjoyed actually getting my nails done, it IS one of those little things that really makes me feel like I have my life together. I can be having the worst day and look down at my perfect manicure and with pride, be like “Mmmhmm….Girl, you are doing allllright.” Is that TMI? I give you the honest depth of my vanity. Anyway, my ugly “man-hands” during the pandemic had to go so I began researching press-on nails. I needed some that would last through all the slaving housework I do and still not damage my nails. Ladies, I have found success! Let me show you how I get press on nails to last 2 weeks.

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The Best Press On Nails: Clutch Nails

I’ve tried all of ’em. From the over $20 range to the dollar store. The secret is in the glue as well as what the actual nails are made of so that they have just a bit of “give” and are also thinner toward your cuticle for a natural look. The best press on nails are from Clutch nails. They are a steal at well under $20 (most in the $10 range). You can now find them at Target but for the best selection you can go to their web site. Use my code CR-FRESHAIR and get 15% off making these a no brainer! Clutch nails are perfection in a press on nail. These press on nails last for 2 weeks and take less than 10 minutes to apply with no mess.

Check out Clutch Nails here and use my code CR-FRESHAIR for 15% off your purchase. Or find them at Target here.

What I like about Clutch Nails

  • Clutch Nails are affordable: about $10 for 24 nails
  • They last 1-2 weeks depending on how much glue you use. These are PERFECT for vacations!
  • They’re tough. I do a lot of hand washing (don’t we all), dishes, house work etc. They take a beating.
  • Clutch Nails has a ton of great designs, shapes and colors from the most natural to some real bling.
  • They are easy to apply and to file down and shape. Like- really easy.
  • They’re reusable, vegan and cruelty free.
  • Clutch Nails is a female owned company- with an all female team under the age of 30! (Way to go, girls!)
How I get press on nails to last 2 weeks.

How To Apply Press On Nails to last 2 weeks

1. Wash your hands and push back your cuticles.

I did a whole post on how changing the way you wash your hands can really help keep them from drying out. Also this cuticle oil is a miracle worker on my dry cuticles!

2. Match each of your nails to the correct Clutch Nail

Match each press on nail to your own nail and then lay them out in order so that you can pop them on easily.

3. File and trim your natural nails

I like to keep mine really short because they do grow fast under the protection of the Clutch Nails.

4. Apply the glue

To get my Clutch press on nails to last 2 weeks, I add 1 a large drop of glue to my nail and then a tiny drop to the press on nail. If you don’t want them to last as long, just add one small drop to your natural nail.

Tip: Look at the back of the nail. There is a tiny number at the top of one end of the nail. This is the nail TIP, so it should be the farthest from your cuticle

5. Press and Hold for 30 seconds

It takes a second for the glue to set up so press and hold so that it adheres to the entire nail bed.

That’s it. I do that for each nail and I’m set for 2 weeks. If I have had the occasional pop off toward the end of the two weeks, (always due to user abuse, lol), and I just add a dab of glue and it’s back in place.

You can immediately use water, lotion or whatever on your new manicure.

How I get press on nails to last 2 weeks.

How To Remove Press On Nails

Clutch Nails will not damage your natural nails. The glue breaks down over time but Do Not Pull The Nails Off.

1. Soak your nails in warm water for 15 minutes.

2. Lift near the cuticle

Carefully lift an edge and the nail will typically pop right off. You can also use some cuticle oil underneath the clutch nail to slide them right off easily. I typically do not have any residue left on my natural nail but if I do it comes off in a day with normal soap and water.

I now keep a drawer full of clutch nails!

How I get press on nails to last 2 weeks.

Check out Clutch Nails here and use my code CR-FRESHAIR for 15% off- or find them at Target here.

Thank you to Clutch Nails for sponsoring this post. All opinions are always my own.

Do you still get your manicure done at the salon? These are currently a lifesaver for me and at such a great price I can stay stocked up and have a fresh looking manicure whenever I need it.

How I get press on nails to last 2 weeks.

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