Organic food delivery. I tried it and here's what I thought about it!
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I grew up on a farm in Virginia where we grew and raised everything we ate. When our own kids were growing up, we had a fairly large vegetable garden in a different spot in Virginia. And from that garden, we grew almost all of our vegetables for the entire year. I love gardening and it’s one of the things I miss living in the mountains in Colorado. People definitely do garden here and they do it well- but our particular situation only leaves room for container gardens at the most. Since we aren’t growing our own, eating healthy can get expensive comparatively so I’ve been looking for ways to save money on organic food. Until recently, I had no idea that there was an organic food delivery service that delivers to your door- for almost half the price of what I’d been paying in the store! I thought some of you might benefit from this information as well.

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Organic Food in Super Markets

Did you know that almost half of the food grown in the US is thrown out because Super Markets won’t accept it and it’s considered unsaleable? Only a small percentage of farms possess the infrastructure and income necessary to get unsaleable produce to food banks on a weekly basis. The volume is just too much! A perfectly good apple is not acceptable if it’s smaller than the rest . If the zucchini curved a little more than the others- it gets tossed. Items that are short-dated, too big, too small etc are unacceptable for Super Markets. Most of this unaccepted food would go to waste. That blows my mind because we know for a fact that there are Americans who struggle to get food- but that’s a whole different post its self.

Organic Food Delivery

I recently found a company that takes in all the high-quality food that grocery stores won’t accept from farmers. Misfits Market actually sources directly from small and mid-size farmers at the time of harvest. They rescue produce that would otherwise be left to rot in a field or a landfill. They package it and deliver straight to your door within about 12 days from the time it’s picked up from the farm. And by cutting out the middle man, you get a considerable discount on the produce– up to 40%.

Organic food delivery. I tried it and here's what I thought about it!
Some of the items in our $35 box from Misfits Market. There is a smaller box as well and you can get $10 off through this link> Misfits Market $10 Off


How Does it Work?

Sign up and choose your box size at Misfits Market- save $10 on your first box through this link.. We get the “Madness” box which contains 14 types of produce with 2-4 portions of each type. You then choose your delivery schedule. Then you build your box! I choose 14 different types of fruits and vegetables for our box and there is a LOT to choose from. If you don’t want to choose, you don’t have to and your box will be a surprise of 14 different fruits and vegetables. You can also add pantry items to your order if you’d like as well- from brands like “Bobs Red Mill”, “Simply Organic”, “Late July” and “Plum Organics” all at a big savings over the super market. It’s delivered fresh to your door in “forward thinking’ 100% recyclable/compostable packaging.

Also important- you can change, pause or cancel your subscription any time conveniently online so there is really no risk in trying.

Why I Love It

First of all- I HATE wasting food. It feels criminal. I am the queen of using all the food! Misfits Market is taking a huge step in breaking the food waste cycle in America and I’m all about that.

As a farmers daughter, I love that this is also providing extra income to our small and mid-sized farmers by allowing them to sell perfectly good, organic food that would have otherwise been unsaleable, simply because it wasn’t “pretty”.

The vegetables and fruits we receive are incredibly fresh- much more so than what we typically get at our grocery store. Leaves are crisp, nothing is drooping- it makes me feel so much better about the amount of actual nutrition in our produce.

Misfits Market saves me a lot of time and money. My box is $35. I mean- go buy 2-4 portions of 14 different organic vegetables and fruits and tell me how much that costs! I can make a lot of meals around one big box of vegetables. It’s really cut down on our over all grocery bill and it helps me even more to focus on creating healthy meals.

Have you tried a service like this before? I’m thrilled to have found this, so I really wanted to share it with you guys! I don’t work for Misfits Market and this is not sponsored in any way, this has just made my life easier and better and I thought all of you may like to give this a try as well!

Organic food delivery. I tried it and here's what I thought about it!

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