If you haven’t worn makeup in awhile or if you’d like to have a “go to” for a more natural makeup look when life calls for one- read on! I’ve tried to keep this super simple while still providing the steps to create a special look that doesn’t look too “done up” for you. Kind of a Makeup 101. This is my step-by-step guide for a natural makeup look for mature skin that anyone can do. I’ve linked all the products I recommend and that I’m wearing at the end of the post.

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Natural Makeup Look

1. Cleanse and Prep Skin

I have a whole post on budget skincare for mature skin here, but suffice it to say that the surface of your skin will be more hydrated and plump after you’ve cleansed and at least moisturized it. This creates a much more beautiful canvas to begin your natural makeup look. This is also time the to use these eye drops to brighten the whites of your eyes like you wouldn’t believe.

2. Sunscreen

Cause you gotta have it. I like this bargain sunscreen in the tinted version to create a nice, smooth finish. If you’d like to use your sunscreen AS your foundation (and skip the next step) I highly recommend this one. It has a decent amount of coverage to cover imperfections and it isn’t drying. Try applying it with a foundation brush for a smoother appearance.

3. Foundation

The purpose of this step is to create a smooth, canvas that minimizes discoloration redness, pores and fine lines and wrinkles. Some foundations create a better finish when applied with a brush and others look better when applied with a beauty sponge. Start by dotting several dots on your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead and then blending to achieve a flawless finish. Not all foundations work well on mature skin. My recommendations specifically for mature skin are below.

It Cosmetics CC Cream- Best applied with a foundation brush.

Maybelline Fit Me– (What I’m wearing) Best applied with a damp beauty blender sponge.

TIP: Use a 10x mirror and be sure that you blend the foundation into the hairline and far enough down the neck to avoid any hard line.


I swear by this one for mature skin and have used it for years. It’s magical and somehow performs a bit of a spackling job on my undereyes without looking cakey or settling into my lines. I can’t live without it and I’ve never found anything that performs as well. You also don’t need to be careful with this product like most concealers, so go ahead and swipe it across your undereyes! Use a damp beauty sponge and dab, dab, dab to blend- it sets up quickly. Being sure to get the inner corners of the eye, all the way to the outer corners. Look how much that brightens your face!

5. Add Some Glow

A quick step that makes a world of difference! Use the tiniest amount of cream highlighter. Some highlighters can be too much for mature skin. My hands down fav and what I’m wearing is here– it’s so subtle and beautiful- perfect for mature skin! The color is “perla”. Place a drop on your fingertips and apply just to the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and place any leftover above your eyebrows. This product will pick up the light as your face moves and it creates a subtle, natural radiance. It’s really a game changer in creating a natural makeup look.

6. To Powder or Not To Powder?

Using a fine setting powder can be tricky on mature skin. If you use too much or it isn’t one specifically formulated, it can settle into lines and wrinkles and be aging and dull. So if you have very oily skin or if you feel you must have a setting powder, this one works well on mature skin. Budget option here. No matter what use an extremely light touch and use just a scant amount on the areas that you feel are going to get oily. I personally, never use a setting powder.

7. Brows and Shadow

If you have decent brows ,(you lucky thing you!) just pluck any strays and brush them up neatly. If your brows are sparse or fading, take a soft brow pencil and outline their shape using light strokes and then fill them in with the same method. THEN take a soft spoolie brush and brush the product through your brows to create a soft, natural looking brow. If you are scared of the brow pencil, try a brow powder and apply it with a brush. Don’t worry about it being too harsh- just use the spoolie brush to distribute the product and achieve a natural looking brow.

Since we are going for a more natural look, the only eye shadow I used in this look is used to push back the look of my puffy hood and brighten my eye area. I have an entire tutorial on makeup for hooded eyes here. But for todays look:

1. Sweep a matte, light, (pinky flesh tones look good on most everyone) shade from the lash line to the brow bone.

2. Looking straight ahead into the mirror and relaxing your eye, place a matte, medium shade directly onto the hood of your eye, then down into the crease. Sweep it across , but don’t go quite all the way to each corner. A great palette that contains good, rich shades that work for everyone is this one. A budget option is here.

3. Then take a soft fluffy brush and blend just a little- you don’t want to remove the effect! (Try it w/ one eye first and compare the look of the hood…….it really does work.)

A Natural Makeup Look for mature skin. Step by step, Makeup 101!

TIP: You don’t need eyeliner for a natural makeup look but if you love liner, try tight lining. It appears much less harsh on mature eyes. You could also add a thin line to your lower lashes if you’d like- totally your preference. I usually don’t line my eyes at all unless it’s for a night time look.

8. Lashes

Lashes get skimpy as we age, so mascara can get tricky. Definitely use a lash curler to gently curl your lashes first. The best mascara for mature eyes is this mascara. Like-no lie- hands down the best. The next best budget option is this one. Use a light touch and take your time. Many women our age, benefit from doing the top lashes only but if you want to do your bottom lashes, keep a light touch and run the wand in a back and forth motion, so as not to create a spider effect. You can read about the lash solution that I’m currently obsessed with here. NOW you’re really looking awake!

9. Lips

For our natural makeup look, be sure your lips are moisturized and not dry. This lip mask for night time is the BOMB. Then line your lips with a nude pencil. Don’t go all the way to the corners of your mouth and don’t be afraid to line slightly just above and just below the lip line on the fullest part of your lips. Then fill them in. This may be all you want to do, but if you’d like to go a step further, apply a “just better than natural” shade across your lips as well. My favorites that compliment most skin shades and colors are linked below.

A Natural Makeup Look for mature skin. Step by step, Makeup 101!

Shop The Look

I hope that you found this post helpful in helping you to create a natural makeup look that you can use to freshen and brighten up whenever you may need it- or for no reason at all!. Makeup has come a long way and the products on the shelves today are not the ones your mother used. The color payout is much bolder, the products are richer and most need a lighter hand than the products of old. Don’t be afraid to play with makeup. If you don’t like it, wash it off and try again until you achieve the look YOU like and that makes YOU feel good.

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A Natural Makeup Look for mature skin. Step by step, Makeup 101!

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