I get DM’s and a bunch of questions on Facebook about makeup over 40, so I thought I’d share my current makeup routine here on the ‘ole blog. I’ll be 50 this year and I’ve got my fair share of lines and wrinkles. I use makeup as part of my game to put my best face forward and while I’ve not had any injectables or procedures I never say never, lol. I do love trying out new makeup but my routine stays fairly the same. It takes a lot to knock out one of my favorite products from its coveted spot on my vanity and pretty much the second that happens- I’m telling you guys about it so let’s dive right in, shall we?

*I’ve linked all the items throughout the post as well as at the bottom. This post contains affiliate links.

My makeup over 40 (Almost 50). The routine and all of my holy grail products for mature skin.
Earrings by Baublebar


I’m an on-again-off-again girl with primer. Most days in the summertime, I don’t wear it and just let my sunscreen be my primer. If I do wear it, it’s usually this one. It does keep my makeup on longer, but I just tend to skip it in the summer.


Currently using this drugstore one every day and I love it. I think this is an excellent choice for foundation makeup over 40. My go-to has been the CC cream by It Cosmetics, which I still really like, but this is much cheaper and I seriously love the way it looks. I apply it with these Beauty Blender dupes that are like $8 for a pack of 5. I’m using the shade Buff Beige for summer.


I’ve been using this bronzer for my contour and I love it. It’s just enough color after blending it out and it smells like bananas! I find that contouring is a great help to concealing some of my sagging and bringing out my cheekbones. I recommend adding it to your makeup over 40 kit if you haven’t.

My makeup over 40 (Almost 50). The routine and all of my holy grail products for mature skin.
Shop the post below. Sandals are good Tory Burch dupes, on major sale and in lots of colors/sizes here.


This one is my Holy Grail because of its unicorn magic on mature eyes. I kid you not, I don’t know what the heck is in this stuff, but dang. My under eyes haven’t looked this good in years!…. YEARS I tell you! I use the shade light-medium and apply it with the applicator and blend with the pointed tip of the Beauty Blender. I don’t set it with powder because I live in a dry climate and my skin is never oily so it stays put all day. If you have bags, discoloration or lines and wrinkles- this is your answer.


I bought this creme highlighter and I swear I’ll probably be buried with it. It’s THAT good and I use THAT little of it. I dot the TINIEST amount just on the apples of my cheeks (which does the prettiest job of making them appear plumper). Whatever is left on my fingers I put down the bridge of my nose and above my eyebrows.

Eye Shadow

I wear at least SOME eye shadow pretty much every day now because it helps me to conceal my hooded lids when I place the colors strategically. I always blend a teeny bit of this primer on my lids first and recently I’ve been trying out all the combinations in this palette! I wrote an entire review of the palette here. This pretty little $20 brush set is still going strong after 2 years- such a great buy on these. I’ve got a full review of them here with a bunch more pics. The brushes would make such a great gift.

My makeup over 40 (Almost 50). The routine and all of my holy grail products for mature skin.
Excuse the state of my nails……..need.help. 😀

Eye Brows

I do my brows with this little set. I just brush them up and then add the powder to any sparse areas as well as to the top of my brows to create more shape. I brush them through once more and then set them with this and everything stays put until I remove it at night.


As the title of my blog suggests, I’m in love with false lashes. I am over the moon for these little pixies. They look so good for everyday wear and there is no need to curl them. I do clip off the last two lash bundles whenever I pull off a new set from the package. Each set lasts me a week and I buy them in packs of 6 sets from Amazon.


I did a whole post on lips and my Go-To’s here but I’m currently trying out City Lips lip plumper by City Beauty and completely loving it in the matte formulation in the shade Pink Taupe. I’ll have a full review on all of that soon. I’m wanting to try out this shade by Mac that everyone completely gushes about. When I’m not using City Lips (which does not need lip liner), I’m obsessed with “Nothin’ But Nude” by Sephora- it’s only $12 and is the most perfect shade in a dreamy gel-like pencil. Wet n’ Wild in the shade “Send Nudes” is a great drugstore option!

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From start to finish it takes me about 15 minutes to do my makeup each day. Does the number of products seem like a TON to you? Or would you feel bare with only what I’ve listed? If you have some favorites, I’d love to hear them and if you have any questions, ask away!

My makeup over 40 (Almost 50). The routine and all of my holy grail products for mature skin.

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