Moving Forward: What to Expect on My Blog

In the middle of a pandemic and an election year here in the US….. We’d better buckle up, ladies!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know what you can expect on these pages as we move forward. This blog is my platform and I want it to be a positive, uplifting, and informational space for you to come to. I think you have plenty of places to find news on current events and I *KNOW* you are bombarded on the daily with the opinions of others.

So, here……in this space……you won’t find any of that.

On my little corner of the web, you’ll continue to find tips and tricks for women over 40 as we all battle with many of the same issues. You’ll find fitness and nutrition posts that are relatable to you. There will be outfit ideas, steals and deals, tips to make things better and easier in your home. I will continue to do product reviews only of products that I feel will be of interest to you and hopefully provide content that will allow you to step away from this crazy, stressful, hurting world for a bit and focus on something pleasant. (If you Follow Me on Instagram, my stories are full of beautiful places here in Colorado, meal ideas, our dog Winston and light chit chat!)

Moving Forward: What to Expect on My Blog

I am deeply appreciative of your support of this little endeavor of mine and I hope to leave you with something of value every time you land here on this page, whether that’s a smile, a new way to style a shirt that’s already in your closet, encouragement to finally start that fitness plan or the miracle cream you’ve been waiting for.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that this blog will always be a place that you can come to take a break. Because it’s important to take a break. Take care of your mind, body and spirit. Commit yourselves to not absorbing all the negativity and measure carefully what you will allow into your heart and mind and home. Carve out your space and defend it.

Moving forward, always feel free to reach out to me if you have topics that you’d like to see me cover here. I appreciate each one of you so much! You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest too.

Moving Forward: What to expect on my blog for women over 40.