Hi ladies! How about 1 mile every dang day in July? I saw a few influencers doing this and thought it would be a fun to host a mile a day challenge here on the blog and on Facebook.

So for the whole month of July, I’m committing to walking/running/hiking at least one mile every day. The only rule is that it needs to be done all at once (for maximum health benefit).

Would you like to join me?

Mile a day challenge

One mile a day is a great goal- it’s doable and not overwhelming. It’s a great way to get yourself into the HABIT of getting it done, every day.

How to join my Mile-A-Day Challenge

If you want to join in, follow me on Facebook and sign for my email list if you haven’t already. Every evening I’ll post on my Facebook feed as well as in FB stories showing my mile for the day. You can comment or post pictures below the post that you got yours in as well!

We can help keep each other accountable and get healthier!

Mile a day challenge

In addition for the month of July I’ll be blogging and posting about health, wellness and fitness to help us all stay motivated. I’ll have tips and tricks to email subscribers, specifically for women over 40, to keep you motivated to get out there and get it done every day in July!

One mile every day for 1 month. What do you have to lose? Starting Thursday, I’ll post on my my Facebook page at around 8pm Mountain Time. Add your comments below that post.

We can definitely do this!

Dont forget: Follow me on Facebook here and sign up for my emails here.

I’m so excited to do this with you ladies! I hope you love it and that this is the start of more fitness and wellness related challenges that we can all do together!

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Mile a day challenge

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