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At 50, combating energy levels and focus are some of my top priorities (because age just keeps on giving, doesn’t it?). I don’t know if it was from hormones or stress or age- or all of the above, but I was feeling like my mental focus was just so lacking. My concentration and thus my productivity was just “off”. I was looking for something to improve my mental focus over 50.

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Focus Over 50
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I first heard about Percepta® through a newsletter that I receive from The Forever Fierce Revolution group and it piqued my interest immediately. Percepta® is the first completely plant-based supplement that targets the reason we lose memory as we age. Um, sign me up- am I right? Developed by renowned brain researchers Dr. Alan Snow and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, backed by 15 years of scientific studies and over 30 issued patents, Percepta® targets the accumulation of plaques and tangles.


What are Plaques and Tangles?

Well, let’s put it this way, right from their web site: “The only difference between a healthy brain and an aging brain is the number of “plaques and tangles” in the brain. The more “plaques and tangles” you accumulate as you normally age, the worse your memory, focus, concentration and cognition will be.” Percepta® has been scientifically tested to reduce plaques and tangles.

K……Again…..Sign.Me.Up! If you are struggling with mental focus over 50, read on.

Plaques and Tangles are the real reason we lose memory as we age. They are neurotoxic proteins and they begin accumulating in our brains starting in early adulthood. Percepta® contains the only cat’s claw ingredient, PTI-00703 cat’s claw® in the world, that has been scientifically tested for reduction of brain “plaques & tangles”. If you love the science behind all of this as much as I do, their web site is incredibly thorough- read about how Percepta® works here. They’ve listed all the research studies here as well as information about all the patents here.


My Experience

My husband and I have been using Percepta® for a little over a month now. Our experience has been great and we both plan to continue using it. The real difference for me came when I went without Percepta® for a week while traveling- THAT’S when I really noticed a huge difference in my mental focus and concentration! My former brain fogginess returned. I resumed taking Percepta® as soon as I got home and since that time have placed it firmly in my supplement line up! If this is something that you are struggling with mental focus over 50 I highly recommend giving this a try. This along with more recently adding Hydrant to our day has been a total game-changer for us.

Thank you to Percepta® for sponsoring this post, as always, I am sharing my true experience and honest review of this product.

Have you noticed a difference in your mental focus and concentration as you age?

Focus Over 50