What the heck? How is it already the end of May?? I’m rounding up my favorite May Instagram looks so you can shop them all from one spot! It’s still been pretty chilly here in Colorado Springs, with spring taking it’s good ole sweet time to turn into those endless sunny days that we love so much! My style is always laid back, everyday fashion and I try to keep in mind what YOU, the woman over 40, wants to see and about how much YOU want to spend! Let me know if there’s something special you’d like to see in the month of June!

Shoes, Shorts, Top, Earrings, Bag (use code LASHES)

Jacket, Top, water bottle, ear buds, necklace

Jumper, Bag, Hat, Shoes, Watch, Jewelry, (and here)

Top (similar), jeans, shoes, sunglasses, bag

Shoes, NuFace, Lip, Self tanner, Eye Drops

Top, Leggings, Shoes, Jacket

Top, Jeans, Sunglasses, Shoes

Best: Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder, Bronzer, Mascara

Dress, Bag, Shoes, Sunglasses, Watch, Jewelry

As always you can shop right here from the blog or follow Fresh Air and False Lashes on the free LikeToKnowit App! Let me know if there is something special you’d like to see for the month of June. I have a post that I’m excited about, coming up later this week, with some AH-MAZING ways to beat hot flashes! I’ve learned a TON about that this week and I can’t wait to share!