“How do you make money blogging?” This is kind of an obligatory post to write if you are a blogger, basically because EVERYONE will ask you this question! As a relatively new blogger, I don’t make much money yet. But I do make SOME while doing something that I love.

How Bloggers make money.

Running a blog costs money. For me- I have to pay for programs and services as well as my website maintenance. All the small monthly fees can really add up. Blogs larger than mine have a lot more expenses in addition to what I’ve mentioned, they also pay for things such as lighting equipment, cameras, travel expenses, and much more.

Although I’m far from an expert- I thought I could at least explain the process. When I started blogging, I didn’t realize that there was even a possibility of getting PAID to blog. I just love to write and I was frustrated at the lack of sites providing useful information for the specific needs of women over 40- so I started one. Imagine my delight when I began to see that it was indeed possible for me to be able to wash my face and get paid to tell people about it! Quite suddenly the reason for my entire existence was solved and I had a new goal in life.

Here are some of the more popular ways that people make money blogging.

How Bloggers make money doing what they love.

Affiliate Links

One of the first ways that myself and many other bloggers make money is through affiliate links. These are links that are added into one of my posts.Β If you click on them and decide to purchase the item, I receive a small commission at no cost to you. This is how I started making money on my blog.


Another way to begin making money blogging is by placing ads on the blog. When people click them- you make money. For me personally, I don’t put a lot of ads on my site. I hate the way it looks and I don’t like going to blogs that are cluttered with ads- so for me- I keep it at a minimum. When a blog has loads of followers, that blogger can actually sell ad space on their blog and make considerably more money.

How Bloggers Make Money Doing what they love!

Brand Collaborations

Sometimes brands will reach out to bloggers to collaborate with them. When you’re just starting out, it’s often smaller brands that are really trying to get their name out there in front of the appropriate audience. Sometimes these offers are in exchange for free products and sometimes they are paid as well. I try to be discerning about any of these that I accept because it’s my intent to curate only information that is truly useful to women over 40. I really enjoy working with small businesses and brands that are just getting started. The excitement behind a good start-up company is contagious, and I love to write about brilliant new ideas.

Pitching to Brands

Instead of waiting for brands to come to you, bloggers also pitch to brands for collaborations. I have a small but growing following. That said, the so-called “micro-influencer” is not completely ignored by brands- even large ones. Many times, a small following is also a LOYAL following, and brands are aware of this. These brands pay for your work and some of them pay very well, so it’s worth reaching out to them, even if you are still growing a following.

How Bloggers Make Money Doing What they Love.


Sometimes brands will send gifts in the hopes that the blogger will review and promote the product. In these instances, a blogger is under no obligation to review the product and they are always free to give their own opinion. If I write a post about something I received as a gift, it’s because I think it truly worthwhile for my readers. In the post, I will also always disclose that I received it free of charge, from the brand. For me, this is one of the more delightful aspects of blogging right now. It’s fun to get free gifts in the mail and I enjoy promoting quality items.

Many other bloggers sell services, digital products as well as physical products to produce income.

To make any real money, your blog needs “traffic”- the number of people viewing your blog each day and reading and interacting with your content. So every time you share a bloggers work on social media, or share their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram- believe me- they appreciate it!

For me, blogging is incredibly rewarding. I really enjoy it. Moving from a hobby blogger to a full-time career is incredibly difficult and requires a mountain of hard work. But it can be done. I am constantly learning and I really love this little blog space of mine.

And since I’m going to be washing my face anyway- it would be great to get paid to tell you all about it!

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How Bloggers make Money doing what they love.


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