Magnetic lashes review

I get a lot of questions about lash solutions for women in midlife. I recently tried the Glamnetic brand of magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes have come a long way! I wanted to provide a magnetic lashes review for you as well as provide answers to your most frequently asked questions about magnetic lashes.

How Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

Magnetic lashes work with the use of a magnetic liner and a strip lash with tiny magnets across it. The liner contains a non toxic iron oxide ingredient that creates the magnetic effect. It is considered safe by the FDA. Quite simply, you apply the magnetic liner to your lid and then the lash should adhere right to the liner easily. That being said, all brands are not created equally. Glamnetic are far and away the best I’ve tried and I highly recommend trying those if you are going to try some.

Are Magnetic Lashes Difficult To Use?

If you’ve ever glued a strip lash to your eye- these are easier. The difficulty with most brands of magnetic lashes is the liner. The liners have been thick and clumpy and extremely hard to apply correctly. Glamnetic has a felt tip pen applicator that’s a game changer! So, if you can put on eyeliner- you can put on these lashes!

Do Magnetic Lashes stay on?

Yes! They do stay on. The Glamnetic lashes have been through my hair dryer on full blast and they didn’t budge. They stay put all day long and are easy to remove at night. Also- Glamnetic has an advanced design “lash anchor” system, that provides even MORE security. Just pop em off and use makeup remover on the liner as you would normally.

magnetic lashes review
Wearing the style “virgo”, one of their most natural styles.

Are Magnetic Lashes Waterproof?

No. Quality magnetic lashes will lose their shape and curl if exposed to water.

How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last?

It depends on the quality of the lash and how well you care for them. Glamnetic lashes are a higher quality than the others I’ve tried, so with proper care, you could get 30+ wears out of one set.

Would Magnetic Lashes work for someone who lost their lashes from cancer treatment?

Yes! Again- I’d recommend the Glamnetic brand, because they have a softer brown shade of magnetic liner, so it won’t look too harsh and you could opt for their more natural styles (Like “Livin” or “Virgo”), which is what I prefer anyway.

What did you think of Glamnetic?

Super impressed. This is the first magnetic lash/liner brand that I would recommend. I have actually tried about 5 others, with little to no success. Glamnetic kills it with their liners- and the felt tip liner makes them practically fool proof. I love that you don’t need a thick line for the lash to adhere, so it looks very natural. Glamnetic lashes are high quality and very light. They feel like wearing a strip lash. They have a lot of magnets on each lash so they really stay put. I didn’t have to trim mine, but if you did need to, having so many magnets makes that process easier to get right. You can got to to find out more and see all of the styles and tutorials.

magnetic lashes review

I hope that this long overdue magnetic lashes review is helpful for you when thinking about investing in magnetic lashes. If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer them! You can pin this post below.

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magnetic lashes review