Ladies and gentleman, we have ourselves a miracle cream. It’s worked miracles on my skin in just a little over 4 weeks, I’ve moved it to Holy Grail status in my skincare and I’m here to tell you all about this magical, unicorn elixir in luxury skincare. CODE: MELISSA20 for 20% off

Luxury Skincare that works!
Shoes here, Shorts here, Tee here, jewelry here and here.

The lovely Amoreena at SMD cosmetics, (seriously- she’s gorgeous, with skin that would leave Cleopatra steeped in jealousy), gifted me a few products from their luxury skincare line. I was struck immediately by the opulent packaging. These bottles were going to be taking center stage on my dressing table! They were too gorgeous to hide!

If you’ve read here for very long you know that I have been a slave to the BioRecept line, which is made in France and can only be purchased here in the US. This was really my first introduction to “K Beauty”, and to be honest, I didn’t expect to be surprised or “wowed” at all.

I was wrong. Turns out, the Koreans know a thing or 10 about skincare my friends. SMD Cosmetics (Saimdang Cosmetics in Korea), is well known as THE go-to luxury skincare line in that country. In fact, they’ve been around for more than 20 years and they’re the only cosmetic company to have ever been awarded the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence.

While still fairly new in the US, the brand became an instant cult favorite of Hollywood makeup artists after bursting onto the scene with their Snail Serum Concentrate. The results were so good they developed an immediate and very devoted following. USE CODE: MELISSA20 for 20% off your purchase.

So, What’s Different?

In 2 words: Ingredients and Processing. Most skincare that we buy today has maybe 1 or 2 active ingredients. 3 if you’re really lucky. SMD Cosmetics has anywhere from 35-65 active ingredients in ONE formulation! Y’all- they have over 39 patents- 26 of which are brand new ingredients! (Take THAT Creme de La Mer).

They also own and oversee every single step of the intricate processing of their products- from the research, the sourcing of ingredients, all the way to the actual manufacturing, all of which is done in Korea.

Their products are safe, natural and non-toxic. They are a cruelty-free brand and do not test on animals in any way. 

Inhyunjin Collection Luxury Skincare

Luxury Skincare that works!

The science behind the line is truly fascinating and based on herbal medicinal formulations. I won’t geek out on you here but suffice it to say that they use a natural fermentation process along with nano-technology that ensures the product is pulled deep into the layers of skin. This is so important because even the very best ingredients aren’t going to do much for you if they’re left sitting on top of your skin. 

My Results

Luxury Skincare that works!
Makeup-Free Selfie!! Look at those under eyes! There’s no filter on this.

After only 4 weeks I cannot believe how much better my skin looks! It has restored elasticity and radiance. I’m so pleased! The biggest change that I’ve noticed is in the overall texture of my skin. I’ve always had small pores, but in the last year, I’ve noticed that in my T-Zone, they are becoming more visible which I hate. Using these products, not only do my pores look good again, but the crepey-ness under my eyes has completely vanished! Like….gone. My skin drinks this stuff in and looks immediately hydrated after I use it. I only use 2 small pumps and that is enough for my face, neck and chest. The eye cream is the same- it only takes the tiniest amount and the ingenious applicator is metal, so it’s cold and depuffs the undereye area at the same time. code: MELISSA20 for 20% off your purchase

Luxury Skincare that works!
The eye cream is the stuff of your dreams!

I’m hooked you guys. 

Now, like all things that are hot -damn- awesome- this line is pricey. I immediately began deciding which organs I’d have to part with to be able to continue to use this luxury skincare line…..which I was most certainly going to do. But at second glance you’ll notice that the amount in the products is almost twice that in typical US skincare AND because of the natural preservation process of these products, they will last anywhere from 6-8 glorious months! Take. My. Money.

I test a lot of products and you guys know that I’m loyal to what works for me. The whole purpose of this blog is to share the good stuff with you, so place SMD Cosmetics firmly at the top of the skincare list, would you?

I do understand that not everyone can afford luxury skincare- even when they DO work, so I’ll continue to review products for you and share what I think is worth the money in all price ranges, but rest assured that the Inhyunjin Collection from SMD Cosmetics is worth every penny in results. Use code MELISSA20 for 20% off of your purchase.

My New skincare routine:


Cleanse: Clinique Take The Day Off

Moisturize: SMD Cosmetics Inhyunjin refining Moisturizer

Eye cream: SMD Cosmetics Inhyunjin Eye Cream

Sun Screen: Elta MD


Retin A: Curology (1st month free here)

Eye Cream: SMD Cosmetics Inyunjin Eye Cream

Night Cream: Biorecept LycOconfort de Peau (used to use this twice daily as a moisturizer, now I’m using it only at night.)

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Luxury Skincare that works!

I was gifted these products from SMD Cosmetics but all opinions, as always, are completely my own.