I feel like I’ve been working so hard to figure out this blogging gig that I’ve forgotten to just talk to you guys about what’s going on! So, here’s my life at the moment and further down my fitness fail.

I don’t know how much of this I can blame on jet lag, but what a week!

You guys- I got on my IG Stories and cheerfully wished everyone a “Happy Monday!”…….on Tuesday. And a day later I got BACK on and told everyone about my long awaited hair appointment that day- only to find out that my appointment wasn’t until the NEXT day. Jet lag or just old lady brain? I dunno, but hopefully everyone got a chuckle out of it. I know I did!

Fitness fail and life currently on the blog.
Me on the ole IG Stories…..Happy Monday everyone!

I did get to my hair appointment today. But OMG it felt like it took forever. Not just because tightening up extensions takes a long time (it does), but because a lady in the salon would not. stop. talking. politics. Like, no matter what anyone said, she would somehow bring it back around to moaning about political affairs. LADY! It’s HAIR DAY and you’re ruining it! Honestly it was like watching CNN while you’re getting a massage. Ugh. It was torcher. Is it just me? Does that stuff bug you guys? It doesn’t happen too much in Colorado, so maybe I’m just super sensitive to it. <shrug>

My hair looked amazing today though, so there’s that, lol.

Our daughter is home from Guatemala and will soon be leaving for her job in South Africa It’s been so great having her here. Her stories are so incredible (READ: “terrifying”). It is really quite the life she has carved out for herself. She is definitely living her passion and her dreams as a field guide in South Africa.

Life currently on the blog and a fitness fail

She’s definitely never been a “girly-girl” like her mama. I used to bribe her with candy and treats to get her to wear a dress, lol. But she surprised me by not only loving, but also straight up SNAGGING a handful of my OTG247 bags.……for her BACKPACK! I’m guessing thats a first for the beloved bag brand!

In other news, you guys………I’m a slug.

Like, a total and complete sluggard when it comes to fitness and working out. Many of you know that I was a personal trainer for years and I was totally passionate and committed to both my own physical fitness as well as that of many other women. Too many moves in too few years, a lot of stress and the fact that the last three houses we’ve lived in have not had a place for a designated fitness area have all led me to this sluggardly path. And I hate it and pretty much feel like crap because of it.

You guys- I KNOW this stuff. I know the benefits. I know HOW to do this and I know HOW to get real, visible results. I’m really frustrated with myself for letting it go this long.

Exercise Over 40- theres a better way!

So, I’m getting my arse in gear, figuring out my road blocks and planning my maneuvers around them. Since I can’t seem to make myself workout in our depressing garage, I guess I’m joining the gym. I’ll be writing my own workouts like I’ve done for so many other women. I’ll be starting at a pretty much beginner level because I am SO out of shape.

I’ll be using this weekend to get my nutrition planned out , written down and get to the grocery store to be able to meal prep for the week. Nothing too complicated though because I am short on free time these days- it’s got to fit into my life or it won’t get done.

If you are interested in this sort of thing, I can add the plans here or just talk more about the journey if you guys are interested in fitness related posts.

I am super excited for spring! I’m a total freak about planting flowers! Hurry up weather!

I’ve listed some of my spring and summer finds below. I was excited to find these Sam Edelman Sandals this week in the almond color! I have looked for these forever and they always sell out SO fast in that color. I think it’s because they look so much like the Tory Burch sandals . I expect to get a lot of wear out of these for years.

Fitness fail and spring and summer finds on the blog!

Let me know about the fitness posts! I can be pretty persuasive when I’m excited about something, so maybe some fitness inspo is something that you guys would like to see added here.

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!

Spring and Summer Finds