As the name of my blog would suggest, I am somewhat obsessed with lashes. I’ve been looking for ways to address my current lash conundrum. Specifically- As I get older, my lashes are getting worse and worse and I’d like to know what I can do about it. Let’s discuss Lashify.

Lashify: A review for women over 40
After first application of Lashify. Sorry for the blurry pic! You can Follow my stories on Instagram to see them better.

I’ve written about lash extensions here and I did LOVE them. But sadly, I became allergic to the glue and could no longer wear them. In hindsight, it’s probably a good thing because they are time-consuming, expensive and in the end, you really are left with stubs of your former lashes.

I’ve also written about a lash lift and tint and I was really happy with those results. Its cheaper and lasts longer but you won’t get any length or fullness, so if you’re working nubs as I am at the moment, it probably isn’t the best option.

Recently I was told about Lashify after complimenting a total stranger on her long, lovely kitten lashes. I did a deep dive into researching Lashify, and then finally pulled the trigger on a control kit. Let’s cut right to the chase shall we?

If you are suffering a lash conundrum of your own, have some nubby lashes and don’t mind a teeny learning curve and about 10 minutes every 3-5 days, stop what you’re doing right now and go order yourself a control kit!

Lashify: A review for women over 40
My Lashify Control Kit. It comes with everything you need.

I’m obsessed with this system. OB-SESSED. I won’t go into too much detail here because there are some great tutorials all over YouTube that you can watch, but I’ll address the most common questions.

Is Lashify difficult to use?

Nope, not at all. It took me about 15 minutes the first time I tried them and I was so happy with the way that they turned out! The most common mistake is using too much glue. You only need the teeniest tiniest amount! The lashes adhere to the underside of your natural lash (NOT YOUR WATER LINE) like magic and you actually have a decent amount of time to get them right so you don’t have to panic when applying. You will need your control kit and a magnifying mirror.

Is Lashify expensive?

That depends. Compared to strip lashes? Yes. Compared to lash extensions? Oh hell naw. You do need the control kit (one-time purchase and includes everything you need). They rarely if ever do sales- you can get a discount on the control if you use my link. Click here: LASHIFY. After that you will only ever need to replenish lashes and glue whenever it runs out. So basically for the cost of one lash extension appointment, you’re all set.

Does Lashify look like real lashes?

Yes, yes, yes! GAWGEOUS! Like the Rolls Royce of lashes. They are lovely and because they attach to the underside of the lash there is no glue or line like there would be with strip lashes, etc. Lash extensions have become so common now and I see a lot of poor ones that just look so fake. Not so with these and you control the look you want- as natural or as bold as you’d like to go!

Lashify: A review for women over 40
Photo from Lashify. These are the lashes I chose in my control kit.

How long does Lashify last?

Well, some people are getting 10 days out of them, so it can be done, but I’m ready to change mine out after 3-5 days. That includes showering and sleeping in them, with a bit of practice- they stay put! And you won’t feel them at all. The magical unicorn glue somehow does not dry hard. Regular eye makeup remover will remove them or you can purchase Lashify’s own remover. I use micellar water to remove eye makeup when wearing Lashify and black Q tips to avoid any white lint.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

No. And that’s the crazy part because repeated lash extensions really do damage your lashes. I’ve only used the system for less than a month but the research and all the reviews that I’ve seen SHOW not only no lash damage…but lash growth. Take. My. money.

Lashify: A review for women over 40
Photo from Lashify.

Can I do anything to cut down on the cost?

You actually can. Order your control kit. You will choose 2 “Goassamers” for your kit (that’s their fancy name for their lashes). This is enough lashes for several applications and looks. Their lashes are truly beautiful and I highly recommend them. You CAN use strip lashes cut into 4’s, or lash trio bundles by Ardell and use the rest of the Lashify system. I tried both ways and it DOES WORK the same way. But the Lashify Gossamers are far superior in looks.

The Take-a-way

Order your control kit here for a discount ( I get “lash points” or lash bucks or something when you use my link so thanks for helping out my nub lashes).

While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, start watching YouTube tutorials.

Join this Facebook group. This is the hive mind for Lashify. These ladies have allllllll the answers! Like- you won’t believe the lash knowledge in this group.

So, there you have it! For me anyway- my lash conundrum has been solved. I hope you enjoyed my review of Lashify and let me know if you’re using it and what you think!

Lashify: A review for women over 40