A January Bucket List

Sharing some ideas to make January a little brighter. The winter months can seem long and these are difficult times to say the least. I feel like it’s more important than ever to be intentional in planning so that I have things to look forward to and so I can see my own progress. These are some of the things on my list for this month.

January Bucket List

Plan a hike. If you aren’t sure where to go, download the All Trails app and it will show you the hikes near you.

Go on a long, scenic drive. This is something we LOVE to do here in Colorado.

Bake some healthy but delicious muffins- these Paleo muffins are some of my favorites!

Make a big pot of chili with cornbread. My recipe that I’ve used for years is right here.

A January Bucket List

Refresh your living room. Adding a few bright new pillow covers and some different scented candles or essential oils can go a long way in brightening up your living room.

Buy a plant. I have come to totally embrace my inner, crazy plant lady. I can’t have too many and they really cheer up any space. You could get a clipping from a neighbor or look on FB Marketplace. I’ve also had excellent luck with the few I’ve purchased from Amazon as well.

Donate to a food drive, a food pantry or a homeless shelter.

Try doing a meal prep day. Just set aside about an hour one day and prep some meals for the entire week. I like to do my lunches, since lunch is the hardest for me each day. See if it makes your week flow a little better and helps keep your nutrition on track. I use these containers and I recently purchased these glass ones.

Set aside some time to give your skin and hair some special treatment. The best hair mask I’ve ever used is this one hands down. If you struggle with hair breakage- this will fix it. But follow the directions, because it’s not used exactly like others. Help your winter skin by using a good face mask that contains hyaluronic acid and then seal that moisture in afterward with a lightweight facial oil like this one. Soaking in a tub with one of these bath bombs and then following up with a good body butter will make you feel amazing.

Declutter and organize something. It makes me feel so great to get something organized. It feels like a little burden lifted. I wrote about how I organized my kitchen pantry here. And it’s actually STAYED organized! Organizing things like my jewelry, cosmetics and the bathroom drawers have gone a long way in helping Troy and I share our smallish space!

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Do you have any goals or things you’d like to get accomplished this month? I hope that my January bucket list has given you some inspiration. I feel like planning ahead really helps my head space by keeping me looking forward. I’ve also pulled away from Twitter and Facebook which has improved my mental health by about 300%, lol. I’m on MeWe now and find it much more enjoyable. Connect with me there if you’re on that platform! you can also follow me on Pinterest and sign up for my newsletter in the form below.