How to style Reebok Classic Sneakers

I remember when I was in high school, I got the Reebok high tops. It was a prettt-ty big deal for this awkward private school gal tryin’ to break into the local public school social scene. I LOVED those shoes! I remember as a 16 year old, I attributed much of the expansion of my social circle directly to these shoes. (What else could it have been??) My best friend got them as well, and we would wear them with “scrunch socks”, Guess jeans, “mini” skirts from The Limited,….. Coca cola shirts,……. big hoop earrings….remember those?? Anyway, when I saw the classic Reebok sneakers were released again, I’m pretty sure I broke out in a cold sweat- It could have been a hot flash- but let’s move on. I HAD to have these shoes! (again). You can find the original high tops again, but I went with this low cut version because I knew I’d get so much more wear out of them. Let’s talk about how to style the classic Reebok sneakers……you know….without looking like you’re trying to be 16 years old, 😂 .

Casual and Comfortable….but make it Chic

How to style Reebok Classic Sneakers

If there was ever a way to define my style, the above sentence is what I aim for. Casual, Comfortable….but make it chic. When I nail the “effortlessly chic” look I know I’m gonna have a pretty dang fabulous day.

I’m steppin’ out sista! 😂

When you style Reebok classic sneakers and you’re going for an elevated look, just pair them with some timeless pieces for a comfortable, chic and effortless style. I’m wearing them with black Lululemon trousers, a grey cashmere half-zip turtleneck and a black blazer (all linked below). A classic look with a nudge of 80’s vintage vibe. My sunglasses are Amazon and can be found here.

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These sneakers aren’t limited to trousers! Just like the original 80’s version, these comfy sneakers are versatile. Aside from pairing them as actual athletic wear with leggings, these sneakers look so cute with maxi dresses, jeans, shorts, and even midi skirts. Pair them with Spanx leggings, an oversized tee and a long cardigan for an errands outfit you won’t want to take off.

What are your feelings on the white classic sneakers that have come back in? I admittedly have a bit of a problem when it comes to sneakers. Meaning: I REALLY like them and my collection is somewhat out of control- but I do wear them ALL- more than any other shoe in my closet. And you know what? I’m comfortable….and therefore in a pretty good mood so win-win 😂 !!

How to style Reebok Classic Sneakers

Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you’ve recently repurchased some “vintage vibe” pieces for your closet! These Reeboks sure did put a smile on my face!

And guess what? My niece just bought the high tops! “I’m verklempt.”

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How to style Reebok Classic Sneakers

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