How to Achieve Glowing Skin over 40
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You can achieve beautiful glowing skin this winter, no matter your age. If you’ve followed me very long you know that I’m a slave to skincare. I also love doing the research for effective ingredients that actually work on mature skin, because like everything else in this world the amount of money you spend doesn’t always equal the quality and results you need to achieve. I don’t like to waste my time or my money, so I put a considerable amount of time and effort in researching ingredients and trying new products. Let’s talk about how to achieve glowing skin over 40.

I’m 52 and since I’m not some ageless freak, (lol), my skin is looser than it used to be and there are plenty of fine lines to account for my 52 years on this planet so far. But mature skin doesn’t have to be dull! I thought I’d share an update with you on what is working really well for me and how you can get that glowing skin over 40!

A Few “Don’t’s”

  • Don’t use hot water on your face. Including in the shower. Water that is too hot is stripping your skin of necessary oils and literally dehydrates your skin, which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve here.
  • Don’t neglect washing your face every night. Even if you don’t do anything else, use a gentle cleanser and a soft washcloth to remove makeup and dirt and apply a simple moisturizer.
  • Don’t overdue the physical exfoliation. Scrubs, brushes etc can actually create micro tears in the skin which can lead to an accelerated aging effect. Err on the side of caution w/ physical exfoliation. Go easy or only use chemical exfoliators (what I choose).

The Basics For Glowing Skin Over 40

Ok, let’s dive right in. First of all, a little about my skin for your reference. My skin is dry with no visible pores. I’ve been able to keep deep lines, redness and age spots to a minimum with my skincare routine and sunscreen. All in all I’m pretty happy with the way my skin looks right now and I go most days with minimal or no makeup. Here are the basics:

1. Cleanse

Obviously for your skin to glow it needs to start clean. Most mature skin is on the drier side, so opt for a cleanser that is gentle and that won’t strip your skin of precious moisture and oils. I’ll link my favorites below. Honestly- I don’t see much difference in these other than the price and size, etc. They all do an equal job of gently cleansing my skin completely. I rub these on with my fingertips and really work it all over my face, to the hairline and down my neck. I use soft microfiber washcloths to remove any makeup, dirt and oil and then splash with lukewarm water until my face and neck are completely clean.

I BARELY pat my face dry with a soft towel.

2. Toner

Next I always use a gentle toner. For me personally, this actually makes a huge difference because we have hard water here in the mountains and it leaves behind mineral residue as it dries. If I don’t use a toner that invisible residue is left behind on my skin! So- a quick swipe with a gentle toner preps my skin to receive the skincare that I need to do it’s job! Below are the ones I use ( or have used) and can recommend. That Erno Lazlo is so luxe I’d bathe in it if I could!

How to Achieve Glowing Skin over 40

3. Serums

OK- Now it’s time to send in my hard-hitting soldiers to combat the negative effects of aging. In the AM I swear by Vitamin C serum next. I’ve tried several and every time I commit to one, they change either the ingredients or the packaging! grr. I now use this one by Timeless because of it’s ingredient list and the way it’s packaged, which helps it stay effective longer. The one by Skinceuticals is considered the gold standard but y’all…….the Timeless one is as close as you can get to that and the price difference is huge. SO- this serum has a permanent spot on my skincare shelf.

I’m always trying different serums, but the one I come back to consistently because of price and effectiveness is The Ordinary’s lactic acid serum. It is a mild exfoliator that helps break down the “glue” holding those dead skin cells on your face which is a major cause of the dullness you can see on your skin.

Using these over time will show a reduction in spots, fine lines and an overall brightening of your skin.

I also really like anything from the SMD cosmetics line (I wrote about it here). Particularly their eye cream and Snail serum (The hype is real.) The products are gentle but truly deliver great results for mature skin. From their site you can use code: MELISSA20 for 20% off your order.

***In The PM, I skip these serums and use my Retin A before moisturizing. I have a whole post on Retin A and how to use it here.

4. Moisturizer

I like to spritz my face with Evian just before I apply my moisturizer (So extra, I know, lol. I’ve used Evian since high school). The moisturizer that I use is from Bio Recept and it’s called “LycOconfort de Peau”. It’s developed and manufactured in France and you can only purchase from one place in the US> Ayla Beauty in San Fransisco. This Bio Recept moisturizer is chock full of the antioxidant lycopene, antibacterial propolis, and anti-wrinkle baobab oil. It’s also packed with with short chain hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and plump up skin and will provide real anti aging results the longer you use it. I am a cult follower of this stuff and this is my ride or die product. I wrote more in depth about it here.

How to Achieve Glowing Skin over 40
Thanks to the almond oil in this, it has a very light marzipan scent!

5. Sunscreen

It goes without saying that the next step is sunscreen to keep your skin looking it’s best. I’m currently using this one by Suntegrity. It’s highly moisturizing and provides a bit of coverage making this my go-to for no makeup days especially. I use the shade “sand”. I have a whole post on sunscreens here.

***In the PM I omit sunscreen (obvi, 😂) and follow my Retin-A and moisturizer with a good facial oil to sort of “seal” everything in for the night.

The Extra Mile For Glowing Skin Over 40

Ok, the above steps will get you well on your way to beautiful glowing skin and over the long haul you will see more and more improvement. Now lets look at some of the extra things you can do to help accelerate the time in which you see results! Try these if you have an event or if you just want to add in a weekly, more focused skincare day to get glowing skin over 40.


If you can get to a licensed provider a few times a year , you’ll love the results, but you can get some really great DIY results at home with a more superficial version! These razors are completely safe and won’t cut you, but they will remove all of the peach fuzz and some dead skin cells from your face instantly. This really goes a long way, y’all. I do this every few weeks. With that peach fuzz gone, the light can reflect off of your skin creating a more youthful glow. Your makeup will also apply beautifully! Here is an easy tutorial on how to do this at home. It’s fast and easy. (P.S. Your hair will NOT grow back darker or thicker.)

Self tanner

A light facial self tanner can give a beautiful luminous glow and the tint helps to hide imperfections and just generally create a more youthful appearance. I use about 1/2 dropper full of this one in the “dark” or the “medium” shade when I want a little extra glow. I just mix it with my moisturizer in the palm of my hand and apply. It never streaks and is not drying at all. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterward.


A 15 minute steam bath for your face is ah-mazing. You can use the traditional face over the pan method, but I recently purchased this facial steamer and there’s no looking back! I totally look forward to this treatment once a week. Steam opens your pores for a deeper cleansing, it increases circulation which nourishes your skin and delivers oxygen. This also encourages elastin and collagen production. After steaming, pat slightly dry and apply moisturizer and/or a good facial oil. The result is a pretty, healthy glow.

How to Achieve Glowing Skin over 40

Hydrating, Lifting Face Mask

A face mask with good, hydrating ingredients can be great before a big event or just anytime you want to give your skin some extra care. I am currently completely in love with the lifting treatment mask by Aceology. It brushes on and peels off after 20 minutes. I love a good peel mask and this one does leave behind a brightening and lifted effect. I’ve linked a few other hydrating ones I’ve used in all different price ranges . Using a hydrating mask right after your steam facial will really leave your skin plump and hydrated!

Inside Out

If you have an event coming up- don’t neglect the incredible effects of a week or two of eating and drinking for your skin! Cut out the simple carbs (bread, pasta, etc) and alcohol and LOAD Up on green veggies, fish (salmon) and lots and lots of water. Also add this green juice into your day. Your skin will seriously look amazing!


To emphasize your beautiful skin, help it to catch some subtle light by using a liquid highlighting product. Dab the tiniest amount directly onto the apples of your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose, and on your forehead. A lot of highlighters can be too much on mature skin and they look really fake. My favorite product hands down, that achieves the right affect is this one in the color “Perla”. And you use so little, one tube will last you forever. The result is so subtle- it looks beautifully natural.

I feel like I’ve got the glowing skin thing down pretty well now and I hope you found this post helpful……Now- can someone help me with my neck? Ha! Ha!……But seriously…..please?😉

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How to Achieve Glowing Skin over 40