So, snacking has become a “thing” here in my house during this quarantine. I typically don’t keep snacks in the house and that’s been a big part of my “stay healthy” plan for years. But y’all……..boredom and munchies in lockdown is for real!

I started out making bread. This was a poor move because I LOVE fresh baked bread and it soon became apparent that I wasn’t to be trusted around a loaf. However, this muesli bread was so easy and total heaven for making a mid-morning avocado toast which is on my list of “what I could eat every day for the rest of my life”.

If we were going to succumb to snacks, they needed to be healthy ones. I was checking out all the options at our local grocery store and holy cow were they expensive! (And many, not healthy at all once you read the ingredients!)

I decided to give Thrive Market a try and I’ll tell ya what- it may just save us during this whole COVID 19 lock down!

Healthy snack ideas
Jacket here, tee old, similar here, joggers here

Their site was so easy to navigate and you can even shop by diet. Since Troy’s heart attack, we try to follow a paleo leaning diet that is heavily plant-based, so I tried to choose snacks with that in mind. The variety of choices and the difference in price was incredible! Our boxes usually run $30 or less and that gives us a pile of healthy snacks that last for at least 10 days.

Some of our Favorite Snacks

If you’d like to give Thrive Market a try, you can go through this link to sign up > THRIVE MARKET and get you’ll 25% off of your first order.

Other Healthy Snacks

I’ve been doing curbside pick up for several weeks at the grocery store and ladies I’m NOT mad about it! What the heck?? WHY have I not been doing this all along?? I sometimes have a hard time thinking of what to buy for healthy snacking, so here’s a list of some other healthy , easy to grab snacks to add to your grocery list (not all paleo):

For your grocery list

Boiled eggs

Avocados (halve, cut criss cross, sprinkle salt, pepper and lemon juice and scoop with a spoon!) Make guac and scoop with Thrive Market chips.

Almond or cashew butter– add a spoonful to a bowl w/ sliced banana

Frozen fruit- make smoothies or my newest obsession: add to a bowl and top with cashew or almond milk and eat like cereal.

Healthy snack ideas
Completely obsessed with this snack!

LOTS of easy eating fruits like grapes, clementines, apples, bananas, berries

Raw nuts (I usually get these at a better price from Thrive Market now)

Hard cheeses– make a small charcuterie plate with fruit, olives, cheeses, nuts, etc.


Cottage cheese– add a scoop into a bowl and top w/ cucumber, tomatoes and black pepper

I hope that you found this post helpful for some healthy snack ideas! It helps me to stay prepared and to be sure that now more than ever, our shelves are stocked with healthy foods and some healthy, easy to grab snacks. To be honest, I think it makes our home happier, lol! I’d love to hear your favorite healthy snack ideas in the comments! You can pin this post below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram– I have dedicated highlights with loads of meal ideas.

Healthy snack ideas

Some of my Favorite Kitchen Items from Amazon!

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