I wanted to share some options for mature women to get or keep great looking hair over 40. You really can love your hair over 40 and it doesn’t have to be just a disappointing chore that awaits you each day! If you are a woman, over 40 and you have a head of thick, lustrous, shiny hair….then saints be praised sista, this post probably isn’t for you- get on with your gawgeous self. But for the rest of us, let’s dish about your hair over 40.

Hair over 40. All the options that will help you to love your hair again! #hairover40

Usually, between the ages of 40 and 45, you will notice that your hair begins to change. Some of these changes to your once lustrous locks, could include:

*More gray hair (sometimes the new grays are coarse or wirey.)

*A change in the texture of your hair.

*Thinning hair at the temples.

*More dryness.

*Dullness and a lack of over all luster.

None of these sound appealing, so lets talk about hair care options that work for women over 40.

My own hair is dry, medium textured, with more and more gray appearing in my currently mousy brown grow out. For the sake of deciding if the products I am recommending might be right for you, my concerns are preventing dryness and breakage and just generally trying to keep my hair as healthy as possible (more on that below).

Hair Care Over 40

When your hair begins to show it’s age, there are several changes you can make in the way you care for your hair that will seriously go a long way.

First and foremost find a stylist who understands both you and your hair. Believe me, having moved as much as I have, I know that this can be a very daunting task but it is SOOooo worth the effort. The tried and true way to find a great stylist is to look for a woman with great hair (preferably around your age) and walk right up and ask her who does her hair. Most women are thrilled to share their stylist and consider it a compliment. As soon as you get that name, make an appointment stat. Good stylists are usually booked well in advance and you need to add this guy or gal to your team!

A skilled hair stylist will absolutely help you to find a good cut and color for YOUR hair texture, face shape and lifestyle. Show up at your first appointment with photos of hair that you like and be ready to REALLY communicate. And once you find a stylist that you love- hold onto them for dear life!

If you are in the Colorado Springs area, I recommend Ben Anderson at All About Tangles. He is not only an amazingly skilled stylist but he is creative. He takes into account your face, eyes, skintone and even your lifestyle. His goal is to make you look beautiful. And he is a total master at it. Call him at (719) 473-5506 (Ask for Ben ANDERSON. Or Book online here.

Stop washing your hair every day. While there are always exceptions to the rule, MOST women need to stop washing their hair every day because, due to age, their scalp is creating less oil. The constant washing is stripping your hair of its precious natural oils and is exacerbating the dry and brittle texture. I currently wash mine every 3-4 days and use dry shampoo only when needed on the days in-between.

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Hair Products

Use hair products that won’t strip your hair and that will help you lock in moisture.

I use Phytojoba linked below, because it’s free from sulfates and parabens and it cleans gently, while rehydrating hair with natural oils.

Use a good conditioner every time you wash your hair. I use the “Color Enhancing Mask” by Phyto.

The Phyto brand is a European one and I find that their hair care products are very good for combating aging, brittle hair. I’ve been using their products for years and highly recommend them.

Hair over 40. All the options that will help you to love your hair again! #hairover40

Don’t rub your hair with a towel. Just gently squeeze or press out the water. You can also try a hair wrap that will absorb a ton of water without you having to rub and risk damaging your hair.

Use a leave in treatment spray or oil every time you wash. I have 2 favorites that make my hair feel amazing.

Phytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray and my newest obsession, Moroccan Oil Protect and Prevent Spray.

Severely Damaged Hair

I’ve been there sistas! Let us hearken back to the Great Perm Mistake of 87 <shudder>….. It was a rough year after that.

When your hair is severely damaged, brittle and dry, don’t despair!!! Science has delivered hope! And results. I can highly recommend using Olaplex. Olaplex WILL RESTORE your hair by actually REPAIRING the broken bonds- not just smoothing them. This is not a conditioner. If your hair is in dire straights (or if you just want to keep it in top condition) get Olaplex #3 home treatment and use it on wet hair BEFORE you shampoo. The best results are achieved by leaving it on 20-30 minutes before shampooing and conditioning as normal. If your hair is severely damaged, use this twice a week and you will be so pleased with the results! Olaplex makes a shampoo and conditioner as well, but I don’t find them to be as magical unicorn- like as the #3. For the very healthiest hair, be sure your salon is using Olaplex on your hair as well, when it’s colored.

Other Options Not To Be Missed

Clip In Hair Extensions

If your hair is lacking in fullness and body, you may be able to use clip in extensions. You can buy great ones at a beauty supply store or online. Just match your color and clip in the ones that you want! You don’t have to use the whole package to achieve more fullness and volume. I also reccomend hauling these with you to your stylist and let them help you by putting them in and giving them a trim to achieve the look you want. You pop them out each night.

Hair over 40. All the options that will help you to love your hair again! #hairover40
Wearing Euronext clip in extensions here.

Permanent Hair Extensions

I currently have long, permanent hair extensions. I’ve had them for about 10 months and just got a fresh, new set. If you decide to go this route know that the upkeep is considerable and it is imperative that you have them put in and maintained by a professional. If you are in the Colorado Springs area, I highly recommend going to see Antonio at All About Tangles Salon. He has a long and distinguished career in doing hair extensions for models and celebrities. And hey- If it’s good enough for Paris Hilton- it’s good enough for me. I love my hair! (He has also trained several of the staff at All About Tangles in hair extensions, so you’re in good hands.) In a word,.. just the best. Call Antonio at (719) 473-5506 or book online HERE.

Hair over 40. All the options that will help you to love your hair again! #hairover40
Having permanent extension applied.


Wigs are having a moment and these are not your mama’s wigs! If your hair is in major trouble and decline from hormonal issues or other chemical imbalances, a wig could be your new best friend. For a wig that is completely undetectable and comfortable, have one custom made for you by a professional. If you just want to try something out to see if you like it, check the links below.


If you have thinning patches of hair there’s great news: Rogaine works! Choose from a serum or a mousse. Each night just put a little on the area where you are seeing the thinning and in a few months you will notice some baby hairs growing in and filling the spot. It totally works.


Of course eating a healthy diet that is rich in lean proteins and Omega 3’s is great for your hair. You can also take specific supplements formulated to help your hair. Biotin will definitely help your hair to grow faster, but it doesn’t really improve the strength if thats what you are looking for. Vitamins A and E are good for preventing breakage. Here are a few well reviewed hair supplements that are worth checking out. Keep in mind that it will take several months to see an improvement.


Glazing or Glossing Treatment– When done in salon or with an over the counter product, this can help restore shine and luster to dull hair.

Hair Mask- Treating yourself to a really good hair mask every few weeks can go a long way in giving your hair back it’s body and bounce. My hands down favorite is by Amika. You will notice a difference after the very first use- and it smells like heaven.

Other Tools to Help

Silk PillowcaseA silk pillowcase will seriously go a LONG way in stopping the breakage going on with your hair. It really helps and I wish I’d purchased one much sooner!

Natural Bristled Brush- it’s much softer on your hair and will help to prevent breakage.

Fabric Wrapped Elastic Bands

Lastly, women over 40 should NOT feel like they have to wear short hair. I don’t even know where that started! Nor should any woman feel that she has to cover her gray. If you have beautiful gray hair, then how freeing for you! That look is SO chic!

In closing, you’ll notice this is NOT a post about hair STYLES over 40. Of COURSE wear your hair in a way that you LOVE! Thats the most beautiful way! And don’t listen to anything else. You do YOU. We are over 40 and ain’t nobody got time for wearing hair that we don’t love, am I right?

Hair over 40. All the options that will help you to love your hair again! #hairover40

I do hope that you’ve found this helpful. If you have, please consider sharing it or pinning this post to Pinterest. I can’ tell you how much I appreciate that!

Hair over 40. All the options that will help you to love your hair again! #hairover40

I’ve tried to be exhaustive here, but do you have any hair secrets for the over 40 crowd? Do share in the comments so that we can all benefit. I often find the very best tips come from you guys, my readers!

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