When your hair looks good, you feel good. I don’t know who said it- but they weren’t lying. When we moved to Utah and then to Glacier, Montana my hair suffered terribly. Y’all- it was SO bad. I kept going to different salons and they just kept lightening my hair more and more ! Added to that, the water in the houses we were living in was very hard and that is a total killer for your hair. My hair was breaking off so badly and I was so desperate that I ended up flying back to Colorado Springs to my former stylist. (Ben Anderson at All About Tangles.….THE BEST. Seriously. – there is no one better.)Keep reading for the best stylist for hair extensions in Colorado Springs.

I remember I sat down in his chair and he literally yelled, “MY GOD! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU?!! Lol. He quickly got me set up for hair extensions with another stylist in the salon.

At first, I wasn’t sure about it, I’ve heard so many horror stories about extensions damaging your hair. Turns out- that’s usually just people who aren’t installing them correctly, or they aren’t being cared for properly. The idea for my situation, was to install the beaded extensions in order for my natural hair to get a break and be able to grow without any heat or stress on it. I was nervous…….. but I was also desperate!

Once the extensions were installed, I was in love and I never looked back.

Hair Extension Installation

Beaded hair extensions are installed by sliding a little weft of real, human hair onto a little section of your own hair, moving it up close to your scalp and clamping the bead down flat, so it stays in place. This process is repeated all over your head in a pattern suited specifically to your hair and head. This has to be done by an experienced professional. Prepare for a few hours to have them installed. For pricing, most stylists will have a set installation price and the total cost will depend on how many extensions you actually need.

For hair extensions in Colorado Springs, contact JoLynne Segura at All About Tangles for a consultation. She will take things into consideration like wether or not you like to wear your hair up, if you wear glasses, how many actual extensions you will need to achieve the look you’re going for, your overall lifestyle, etc. I wouldn’t trust another salon- and I promise you, you won’t get a better deal on professional hair extensions in Colorado Springs. If you give her a call, tell her Melissa sent you!

Hair Extension Care and Upkeep

As your hair grows out, the extensions grow with it, so you have to go back to the salon to have them slid back up close to the scalp about every 4-6 weeks (called an “adjustment”), depending on how fast your hair grows. I currently have my color and my extension adjustment about every 6 weeks.

Caring for your extensions is important, to extend their life and keep them looking great. You don’t want to wash them too often- once a week is what I do. And they should be brushed well a few times a day, being careful not to pull or yank on them. Use good products to help them stay looking great. I use Olaplex and this hair dryer (which has really helped!) Your stylist will give you all the info on special care for your extensions. With quality extensions and professional care your extensions should last 9 months or more.

What You May Not Know About Hair Extensions

You may not know that hair extensions can solve a lot of hair issues. If, like many women over 40, you have thinning hair, hair extensions can be used to thicken and add volume. You can have them cut to any length you prefer- they don’t have to be long! Even areas that are thinning, balding or patchy hair loss due to heredity, hormonal changes, etc can be completely hidden by certain hair extension applications. If you struggle with this and you live in Colorado Springs, I HIGHLY recommend that you call All About Tangles and schedule a consultation.

My Opinion About Hair Extensions

Having hair extensions has totally saved my hair and I was so blessed to have the professional staff at All About Tangles to help guide me through the whole process.

I still have about an inch of damage on the ends from our time in Utah and Montana, but eventually my own hair will be healthy again. In the mean time, I get to play with long, Barbie hair and who doesn’t love that, lol?! Hair extensions can be a game- changer for all kinds of hair difficulties for women over 40. I hope I’ve given you some ideas for some hair solutions. If it means being able to solve issues with your hair that are causing you not to feel confident, I think that’s money and time well spent! Let me know if you have any other questions about hair extensions.

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Hair extensions. Everything you need to know.