If you’ve been keeping up with the Getting in Shape posts, hopefully, you got inspired here and then you crunched your numbers and started getting organized here. Now you are ready to get on with grocery shopping and preparing for your week, so that you can stay on track and finally succeed in your fitness goals.

Never underestimate the importance of being prepared. The first few weeks are hard. You are cutting out a lot of white carbs and you are asking your body to perform more than it is probably used to, so……there will be cravings at first. You MUST be prepared for this and set yourself up for glorious success by planning ahead.

Let’s Get Started

First of all: get rid of the land mines in your house. The junk food.  Seriously, it’s not good for ANYONE living there; chips, cookies, candy, all white bread products, etc. If it’s lurking in your cupboard, chances are, you will end up eating it. Chances are also good that you will end up eating ALL of it. This doesn’t mean that you have to doom your family to live the life of poor paupers in an orphanage. There are LOADS of recipes for snacks and meals that not only taste amazing, but will  fit toward your goals AND make your family happy. In fact, I am working on a Pinterest Board right now, with nothing but healthy, family- friendly recipes, so be sure to go to Pinterest and follow me, here. 

Now. Oh good Lord, you threw out all of your food- you’ve got to go the grocery store! Lets restock with the food thats going to HELP us, not HURT us!

To keep it simple, most of your groceries will come in the form of proteins and vegetables. 

The fresher the better, but we all have different budgets, so just work within what you have. For vegetables, fresh is best, frozen is next and canned is last. If you must get canned vegetables, look for low/no sodium and organic. Check the labels and get the can with the fewest ingredients possible.

For proteins, fresh, local, grass fed is best and frozen is second. Stay away from processed proteins, for example: fish sticks, chicken nuggets, hot wings, pre-made frozen meatballs, etc. These things will kick you right in the shins while you are racing toward your goal. They will slow your process and keep you hooked on the sugars and fillers that they contain. Canned proteins like tuna are fine when packed in water.

For starches, try potatoes, sweet potatoes and rice (brown or jasmine- not processed or microwaveable). These are easily digestible and will keep up your energy levels.

I’ve taken pictures of my groceries for the week and divided them between the proteins and the vegetables, to give you a visual.

getting in shape- nailing the nutrition

getting in shape- nailing the nutrition

Get all your groceries and then come back, so we can put all of this together and get you set up to achieve your fitness goals for this year! Its not hard, I promise. I will walk you through the process step by step. I like to do my food prep on Sundays, so that I am ready to hit the ground running for the week, but do whatever works for your schedule. When you are ready to prep, come back and lets do this!



P.S. Don’t forget your list!