I’ve really been turning over a new leaf out here during our lockdown. Well……..maybe it’s an old leaf- but it needed turning over again just the same! In the struggle to organize my life and set my self up for health and fitness success, I thought I’d share with you some recent purchases that are actually helping me to get fit over 50.

Getting fit over 50

My Fitness Tracker

My Garmin Vivofit HR may go down as my most important purchase of the year. I talked about it here, but to sum up again I love it because 1. it looks like a beautiful watch and not a “fitness” watch, so I wear it all the time. 2. It makes no sounds and has no buttons 3. I put it on , connect it to my phone through Bluetooth…..and it just goes to work! and 4. It tracks EVERYTHING. From sleep, to stress, to steps, to calories burned and a TON more and at a price that won’t break the bank. I LOVE this watch!

Great Workout Clothes

It may sound strange, but I am more motivated to workout if I have workout clothes that I actually like and feel good in. I haven’t exactly been looking my most svelte self, lol, so if I could find workout clothes that would instantly make me look a little better……well…..I find that motivating! Fabletics leggings are so so good for whitling you down a full size the second you put them on! They are still running the deal where you get 2 pair of leggings for $24 if you are a new subscriber. You can cancel any time, but I’ve stuck with them for well over a year because the quality is just so good. I am also ordering these from Amazon. I know they have a lot of good reviews, but I’m extremely skeptical, so I’ll keep you posted! I lay everything out at night before bed and put my workout clothes on as soon as I get up. I posted about my morning routine here.

$16 Rapid Egg Boiler

This little gadget is the bomb if you like boiled eggs! I’m about to start for real lifting weights again and one of the fastest ways to see results is to up your protein intake. Nutrition is super important to me and boiled eggs are one of my main snacks. This little rapid egg cooker boils them in just a few minutes and they come out perfect every single time! I use it every week!

Another kitchen item that I find incredibly helpful in helping me to nail the nutrition piece is this set of 20 single compartment meal prep containers. These help me not to get caught off guard at lunch time! Once a week I cook up meal ingredients and place them in the containers. I’ll cook proteins like ground turkey and sliced roast chicken, steamed broccoli and sautéed mixed vegetables, and complex carbs/starches like quinoa and roasted sweet potatoes. This makes it easy to put together the healthy lunch bowls that you see on my Instagram stories! You Can Follow Me On Instagram Here.

Meal Prep Containers

Getting fit over 50
Pack of 20 single compartment meal containers here.

Hydration Help

Two things have been helping me get back to proper hydration. A lot of this is a mind over matter thing. I’ve never had a very strong thirst response so 1. Taking Hydrant every day. I talked about Hydrant in detail here several months ago, but I’m still taking it every day and I feel better doing so! And 2. Purchasing a dedicated tumbler has helped me immensely to be intentional about drinking water during the rest of the day when I’m not working out. I got this one because I loved how it looked and it came with the stainless steel straw. it keeps drinks cold for 24 hrs+.

My Fitness Products

Grocery Planning

I would be completely remiss if I didn’t share how Walmart’s Grocery Pickup has changed my life! I do all the shopping online, and then just swing by the store, they place it all in the trunk and I’m off home- I never leave the vehicle. Y’all. If you haven’t done this you can use my link > Walmart Grocery Pickup< and get $10 to try it. The service is completely free. I swear- you’ll never go back. I save quite a bit of money doing my groceries this way each week, because I can plan everything out and then go online, shop and place my order and I don’t come home having purchased loads of snacks and things that weren’t on my list and weren’t going to help me reach my goals. Let’s face it- nutrition is a HUGE piece of this whole puzzle.

Best Workout Bra for Large Busts

This Bra! My husband calls this my tactical bra, lol. If you have a large chest, and you don’t want those babies to move while you’re working out and you DON’T want uniboob action going on- this is the bra for you. This is the very best bra I’ve found. Literally ZERO bounce. I have the Ultimate Sports Bra and I’d like to try the Flex option as well. You can use my link and get $10 off your order: SHEFIT

Getting fit over 50

I’ve listed some other items below that aren’t recent purchases but that have helped me to work toward my nutrition and fitness goals. The whole post is shoppable- just click on any item you’d like to find out more about.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that you found this post helpful. I’m excited to do more fitness and nutrition-related posts as they relate to those of us in midlife and beyond. After all, we’ve got to keep these bodies fit and strong to be able to live a whole lot longer with vibrance and vitality and that just isn’t going to happen by accident. I’d love for you to follow me Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LiketoKnow.it. too!

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