One of the things keeping me on track (read:”from going insane”) at the moment is fitness and I’m crediting my Garmin Hybrid Fitness Watch for getting me moving again in quarantine! If you’re struggling to move while in lockdown, read on because this may help you too!

Garmin Hybrid fitness watch. Vivomove HR
My Garmin Watch here.

Like everyone else, I’m being careful with my dollars at the moment because there is still so much uncertainty. But I am 100% happy that I grabbed this watch! And it’s a decent price point that doesn’t make it an extravagant purchase. It’s given me the motivation to get active again and that is so important right now as we all face the current challenges. It’s important to both your physical AND mental health!

Garmin Hybrid fitness watch. Vivomove HR
Athletic top from Amazon here, leggings here, Jacket here, watch here.

I typically don’t like fitness watches. If I don’t like the way they look, I won’t wear them which defeats the purpose. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many fitness trackers I’ve stuck in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about. My other pet peeve with fitness trackers is that they can be difficult to use. Wether it’s the design or the technology, if it isn’t easy to use, it eventually gets tossed into the drawer.

This Garmin Vivomove HR fitness watch spoke to me. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for my whole life! It has the beauty of a fashionable watch and it can be stacked with bracelets, but its functionality is all business!

Garmin Hybrid fitness watch. Vivomove HR
LV Neverfull dupe here, watch here, bracelet stack here, DIY mani here ($5 off).

It was super easy to set up and I downloaded the app and had it connected and up and running in a few minutes. This Garmin has 24/7 heart rate monitoring and it tracks steps, calories, distance, sleep, VO2 max and more. Y’all- you just put it on and it goes to work. No starting and stopping and fiddling with it.

It has smartwatch features like music controls and smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders, etc. This hybrid fitness watch has a touchscreen with a hidden display. Real watch hands show the time and then they move away when you swipe through your messages, heart rate and more on the digital display! I LOVE that the digital display only shows when you move your wrist up to look at the watch.

Garmin Hybrid fitness watch. Vivomove HR
My Garmin watch here. (Under $150)

Like I said earlier, this watch has “Move IQ”. It just tracks everything automatically 24/7 and it’s incredibly accurate! My husband has this Apple watch and we’ve played around with them testing accuracy and the Garmin measures up to the test every time!

Now, if that wasn’t enough the Garmin also lets you switch out bands, so you can always match it to your style!

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This watch has been the motivation that I needed to get moving in quarantine. I love looking over my stats at the end of the day, seeing all my activities and stress levels! It consistently reminds me if I’ve been sedentary too long, so I am encouraged to get out the door and walk! If you like competition, you can also join their 10K step challenge and get even more motivated to get those steps in every day!

Garmin Hybrid fitness watch. Vivomove HR

The Garmin Hybrid Fitness Watch is currently on sale for less than $150 with free shipping!

We all need to stay healthy during our time in lock down and social distancing. Staying active is critical right now to our immune systems and our overall physical and mental health. If you need a stylish motivator to help you accomplish that right now, I highly recommend this fashionable Garmin Fitness tracker!

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