We aren’t waiting anymore! Before we dive into fitness, I have to tell you- we got the news that my husband got a brand new position and we will now be spending more time in the UK and Europe! Its all very exciting. Also I am petrified with about five million- billion unknown details…. but I am excited nonetheless. I am super proud of my husband. The man just never quits. 2017 is already shaping up to be anything but boring !

But this is why I have to run. Not for the health. Not even for weight loss. I have to run for my BRAIN. Fitness, Women over 40

Now- don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT a runner. No. Like…… not at all.

I’m just not the type. It’s not in my blood.

This is my brain: “OMG!!- NO- I don’t want to RACE you??!!… OMG!…..NO!”

But even with my ultra non-competitive spirit,  I find that even a 20 minute run in the middle of the day, can quite literally keep me sane. Not only is getting my blood pumping each day, healthy- but it helps keep my spirits up, it clears my head and its pretty much a major service to those that have to be around me on a daily basis. Fitness, Women over 40

I’m. Nice-r.

(And apparently, staying slightly drunk all the time is frowned upon.)

Here in Southern Colorado there is rarely a week that goes by that we don’t have ample sunshine and low humidity. Even in the winter. (Before I moved to Colorado- I was sure I’d be waist deep in snow with howling, bitter winters like Poor Pa was, in ” The Long Winter”, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Yeah..It’s not like that.) Anyway,  I don’t have much of a legitimate excuse not to get out there at least a few times each week. Oh-and I’ve noticed that, at 48, my body is beginning to challenge me in new and different ways. Thanks for that. Thats awesome. But in all honesty, my short runs and Yoga Every Damned Day seem to make the biggest difference for me. I attribute these two things the most, for preventing me from pulling a major, front page news- worthy, freak out over all of the aforementioned unknown, pretty BIG details. (OMG y’all…..the UK! )Fitness, Women over 40

I have the most beautiful area to run in right now, but I’ve logged my fair share on the treadmill over the years as well. I personally, don’t find that to be as refreshing and mind clearing as getting outdoors, but I know some people, from my personal training days, that seriously love and protect their treadmill time.

To be honest, I don’t think it matters much WHAT you do, just that you find something that you LIKE and that you can fit easily into your day. (Lets face it, most of us aren’t going to fight major traffic to get to the gym each day! Find what fits into YOUR day or week.)Fitness, Women Over 40

Run, walk, swim, bike….whatever.  Just do your thing. For cryin’ out loud- you’re over 40!  Be proud that you are putting forth the effort and enjoy those rewards!  You don’t have to run or work-out like ANYONE else.

Because after 40, my dear friends……….. we take no shiz.


I wonder if they think saying “shiz” is funny in the UK.

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