Fitness at fifty. Here’s what went down the last 2 weeks:

Well, I’ve started off pretty badly at posting a fitness update every Friday haven’t I? I got swept up into some family things last week and it feels like it’s taken me forever to get back here to give an update!

You can find week 1 here and my workouts here.

Fitness at fifty. Or almost fifty. Inspiration and how to.

About the middle of week 2 is when I finally felt a little excited to get to the gym. It didn’t feel like such a chore and I was actually looking forward to pushing back from my desk and getting in there.

Once I get to the gym and get going, I’m great. I usually do more than I had planned in my workout but I’m still trying not to OVER do it so that I’m not too sore to finish out the week. It’s a bit of a trial and error balancing act.

Week 3 I finally started pushing a little more by adding heavier weights and I’ve dropped my reps down to 10-12 and added in ab exercises. That is starting to feel really good. My muscles are “full” after working out, and I’m sore the next day, but not debilitatingly so.

A few things that I’ve learned

  • I drink much more water when I’m working out. I have my water bottle with me at the gym always. I typically end up filling it up again at least once while I’m there. I never have any trouble meeting my water intake as long as I work out that day.
  • Laying out my workout clothes the night before is CRUCIAL to my success. It seems like such a small thing, but it can mean the difference between me actually going or not going!
  • The spin bike is a friend. When I first started back, I hit the treadmill for warm-ups and cardio, because that’s what I’d always done. I was really out of shape and at almost 50 years old (with an ACL surgery behind me), my knees were killing me for about 2 days. I switched up to the bike. The repetitive cyclical motion, gets the blood flowing back to the knees and it is incredibly healing. My knees felt better after the first time.

I have missed a few days over the past few weeks and with Easter and all the kids in town, my diet has been fairly miserable and all over the place. So, back to square one on that, but it will come. The important thing is really- to just keep going. Don’t beat yourself up about missing a day or falling face first into a giant carb fest. Just acknowledge that behavior won’t get you where you want to be and then move on. Try to HELP yourself stay on track with a plan for whatever meals and times have been causing you trouble.

TIP: Be sure you are eating enough nutrient dense calories. Your body knows exactly how to use real, nutritious foods. Simple Carb/ sugar addiction is a real thing and it’s normal to crave things like bread and donuts when you are trying to cut those out. But you shouldn’t be HUNGRY.

I’m using these to meal prep my lunches. I always find lunch so hard and I’m getting sick of my usual arugula and smoked salmon, so I’m making a plan for next week and these stack up so well in my fridge and are BPA free. If you have any high protein lunch ideas- shoot ’em at me!

Just keep going, keep trying. You guys-there is SO much benefit in trying! Fitness at fifty is just like fitness at any other age- a lot of great things are happening inside your mind and body before you will EVER notice them on the outside! Just keep going and thank God for the freedom and ability to just keep struggling.

All the workouts/ nutrition info can be found here.

The kids and other family have all gone and the house is empty again. I’m excited to find my routine and catch up on all the blogs that I’ve missed reading!

Let me know your greatest challenge in trying to get fit and stay healthy- what trips you up?

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Fitness at fifty. My journey and my exact workouts and nutrition for trying to get fit again at fifty years old.
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