I thought it would be good to do an updated post on my favorite Amazon finds for the home. I love Amazon Prime and now that their returns policy is so good, I don’t worry about pulling the trigger to try out new things. Amazon has literally made my life so much easier over the last few years! These are the very best Amazon finds for the home that I’ve come across in the last year.

Amazon Kitchen Finds

Maybe my number one purchase of 2019 for myself was the Ember mug. Y’all- if you’re a coffee-heater-upper, this mug will change your life! I love fresh, hot coffee and once you have to microwave it, it just isn’t the same. I have not wasted a single cup of coffee since I purchased this mug. It doesn’t reheat or “cook” the coffee like traditional heated mugs. This keeps your coffee at a constant temperature that you set yourself so that every single sip is just like the first! There is an app and you can connect it to your phone via BlueTooth it will tell you when your chosen, perfect temperature has been reached. And you just set it and forget it, every morning, your coffee or tea will be set to that temperature until you change it. Best. Thing. Ever!

Amazon Finds for the home
Ember mug here, Free People shirt dupe here, Leggings sold here, Slippers under $20 here

We also bought our Nespresso machine on Amazon after using them all over our travels in Switzerland. It makes the very best coffee ever. I suggest getting the Delhongi brand, as the machine is far superior in quality. YOu can order Nespresso pods on Amazon as well if you forget to order from Nespresso and start running low. Don’t forget to get the recyclable bags for free when you place your Nespresso order. Just pop your used pods in the bag and once a month, drop them off at your closest UPS store. They will ship and recycle them for free.

A few random Amazon items that I came across this year have really helped me in the kitchen. First are these containers. They are so well designed and they keep fruits and veggies from spoiling so quickly because they have little vents as well as a way for air to move more freely through the container, preventing condensation. Brilliant, because nothing frustrates me more than having to throw out fresh produce!

Amazon Finds for the home

Next, are these meal prep containers. You guys know from previous posts that I do a lot of cooking prep on Sundays and we are big “leftovers-for-lunch” people. These conta8iners come in packs of 20 and they are BPA free, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. I’ve been using them every day since April of last year and they’ve held up beautifully. And they are so inexpensive, I don’t sweat it if someone takes them home or I forget one somewhere.

If you have a Simple Human trash can, these bags on Amazon will save you a lot of money. We LOVE our Simple Human trash can . They are especially great when you have an odd-sized kitchen space as we do. And I love how sturdy the bags are, but they are pricey. I actually ordered these from Amazon by mistake and found them to be just as good as the name brand. Just be sure to order your correct “letter” size.

Amazon Bed, Bath and Living Finds

No one can write an Amazon home finds post without mentioning the sheets. Seventy-five THOUSAND people can’t be wrong! This is a 4 piece sheet set (loads of colors) for less than $25 and a LIFETIME MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE. Y’all- they guarantee complete satisfaction or your money back, no hassle. I also ordered these satin pillowcases for less than $10 this year, to switch out with my silk ones when I need to and they were great! The satin or silk will help protect your hair from breakage and they are better for those of us trying not to press new wrinkles into our faces every dang night!

I try out a lot of products. Like….a LOT. Our bathroom sink situation had gotten a little ridiculous with my things completely taking over the entire double sink area! These acrylic organizers revolutionized our countertop area! They are super good quality and after purchasing them for the bathroom, I ended up getting several more for my jewelry. A total game changer and my husband was as happy as anyone, lol.

Amazon Finds for the home
Acrylic organizer here. I own about 7 of these now in all shapes and sizes.

We learned the hard way about hard well water in the mountains! We moved several times and states and I couldn’t figure out what my skin was so dry and my hair was breaking off so badly. Before our last move, I purchased one of these little shower filters. OMG- game changer if you have hard water! Easy to install in just a few minutes and we switch out with replacement filters every 6 months.

We don’t really have space in this house to keep out an iron and ironing board. And I really don’t enjoy ironing. So this year, I purchased a handheld steamer and I honestly don’t know why I waited so long to do that! I LOVE this steamer and I originally purchased another one but the heating element in that one went out within a few months. I’ve had this one since April of 2019 and it’s still going strong. We also use it when we travel (no more hanging stuff in the hotel bathroom and steaming up the shower, lol!

Random Amazon Finds

These are random, but I wanted to include them here in case you’ve been on the hunt for these little helpers. Firstly, these bath bombs. If you love baths, go buy these right now. You will be so pleased! They are hand made in the US, come individually wrapped with rich, individual fragrances. They are made with quality ingredients and they produce a true spa-like fizz and color, without staining the tub and are incredibly moisturizing without being heavy or sticky. Very high quality and would make such a lovely gift.

We have a large, modern arc floor lamp that is over our sofa area. I love the look of the lamp, but the light bulb was really bright directly overhead when trying to watch TV or read, etc. This little half- chrome dipped bulb completely changed the lighting in that space and now we love the lamp again! This pushes the light back up instead of casting the brightness down onto whoever is sitting there. Thee light is now comfortable and still plenty bright enough for reading and watching TV. I never knew such a thing existed and it only cost about $6. That’s it! I love seeing everyone’s Amazon home finds! I’ve linked a few other honorable mentions below as well. I hope you loved this post- please consider sharing it or pinning to Pinterest. As always, thank you so much for stopping by here!

Amazon finds for the home