I thought it would be fun to do a fall sweater round-up here on the blog! My personal style has been described as “edgy classic” so it’s no surprise that I like to keep a lot of classic, neutral sweaters in rotation all fall and winter long and just style them in different ways.

We have a small closet that Troy and I both share and let me tell you- it gets ugly in there, lol. My husband likes clothes and shoes just as much as I do! I store my sweaters folded in a little curio cabinet all summer long. It just fits into the closet space and I keep all of my jewelry organized on top of the cabinet in these Amazon acrylic organizers. When the time comes, I swap out the sweaters for my folded summer items and place all of my sweaters on the shelves of the closet.

Chunky Knit Sweaters

My favorite chunky knits are for the really cold days here in Colorado. Soft, thick and warm is what I’m looking for here. I hang onto my sweaters for YEARS and try to take good care of them. This little gadget is really helpful to keep them looking their best.

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Cashmere Sweaters

I buy more cashmere every single year when it goes on major sale. I find these to be my favorites and my most worn. The extreme warmth, luxe softness and the thinner weight makes them ideal for layering under anything. I also stock up on this cashmere spray for when we travel and I launder the sweaters myself using this special detergent.

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Cashmere on sale!

Cardigan Sweaters

I am a cardigan lover! A longer cardigan can add so much polish to an outfit. They’re also very slimming, creating a longer line to your overall look.

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Thin Knit Sweaters

Even in the winter, the sun can be really hot in Colorado. I like to keep some thin sweaters around for layering, when it’s too hot for cashmere. They are perfect under vests or by themselves.

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I hope that you enjoyed this little sweater round up!Do you have loads of colorful sweaters or more neutrals like I do?

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