Can you believe it has already snowed once here in Colorado? It was stunning and was gone the next day with the highs back to the 70’s 2 days later. But at the first cold snap, I’m ready for all the fall things! I spent the last few days decorating our main living area for the season and thought you might enjoy some fall decor inspo!

Pillows | Blanket | Baskets | Chalkboard labels

My focus in the fall is simple: warm and cozy it up! The mountain house we are currently in is already filled with warm wall and floor colors, so I thought I’d mix in some neutral and muted fall colors for something a little different this year. I really love the way it turned out. I’ve rounded up decor pieces from all over through the years but at the bottom of this post I’ve linked the same or similar, if any of these ideas inspires you.

The garland is 2 garlands twisted together. I linked the exact ones at the bottom of the post- I cut the white flowers off of mine but saved them in case I ever want to use the garland with them on. If you have an all stone mantlepiece like this one, you can use a hot glue gun to tack it in place. The glue peels right off without damaging anything.

The print is from an Emily Bronte poem and I downloaded and printed it from Etsy and then just popped it into an all white frame that I already had. The majority of the cream colored decor pieces are from Amazon and I’ll link those below. The exact print that I ordered is here: Emily Bronte’ Print.

A mason jar with a few wispy flowers, just screams autumn and if scattering tiny white pumpkins around the house is wrong- I don’t wanna be right. Copper pieces make really great fall decor. I pull out whatever I have and just sort of try grouping things together until I’m happy with it. The copper tray can be found here and a set of Moscow Mule glasses here.

Wooden Tray | Coasters |Round Mirror (Under $150)| Glass Bottle (or repurpose a whiskey bottle!) |

For our dining table centerpiece, I used large glass pumpkins, candles and a couple of small flower vases. The artificial flower stems are hidden with brown lentils that I used for the vase filler. I’ll switch this all up for our actual Thanksgiving dinner, but for now this is what I’ll stick with.

Even the bar cart got a little splash of autumn with a new bouquet. The vase is actually one of the clear vases that you get from the florist when someone sends you flowers. Last year, I spray painted it rose gold and it worked like a charm! So yeah- all those vases? You can paint them any color you want.

Bar Set |Crystal Brandy/ Cognac glasses

I hope that you enjoyed checking out my fall decor inspo – I LOVE looking at all the unique ideas that everyone has for decorating their homes.

I’m waiting on this candle to arrive because y’all- it’s AH-MAZING…..just the perfect amount of sweetness without the “artificial” smell that so many Fall candles have. I also recently got the Pumkin Spice Cake coffee from Nespresso and while I’m normally not a flavored coffee kinda gal- this one has me looking forward to my afternoon cup every day! Again- not at all artificial tasting, just warm spices and a hint of true pumpkin flavor…’s truly a warm cup o’ fall!

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