This is the absolute easiest way to make some extra money. I’ve told you about this before, and it’s only gotten better. Really, it’s such a no-brainer that it definitely bears repeating at this time of the year if you aren’t doing this. This is what I use on a daily basis and it easily pays for my little “extra” salon/spa visits all year long. From regularly scheduled manicures and pedicures to once or twice a year lash visits. This easy little trick is how I pay for them with zero guilt.

extra money- the lazy girl way


I get extra money in the mail every three months from Ebates. And not just a little – sometimes several hundred dollars, every three months…….all for doing nothing except shopping online like I normally would and clicking the Ebates button before I check out.

It’s free, takes just minutes to sign up and if you use my link, I get a bonus and you automatically get $10 right out of the gate!

No free lunch? Well, this is the only one I know about. The stores pay Ebates a commission for driving people to their site and we (the consumer) get part of that commission in the form of an automatic rebate.

When I first started with Ebates, there weren’t a lot of stores using it. But now, almost every single store that I shop at is connected with them so the amount I get back really adds up! Even travel-related companies like rental cars, hotels and airlines give cash back through Ebates. 10% back on a one-week rental car can really add up! Some of the stores that I regularly earn from are:



Banana Republic



Enterprise Car rental



Nordstrom Rack

Neiman Marcus

Even a recent Henri Bendel purchase! (Side note- word on the street is that Henri Bendel will no longer be open after January, so grab one of those bags while you can! Closing after 123 years!)

It is rare that I ever make an online purchase now that does NOT give cash back through Ebates. I watch my balance climb and then boom- every three months, I get my check in the mail and into the bank it goes!

It is especially beneficial to sign up right now because most of us will begin shopping for the holidays. I do almost all of my holiday shopping online so my January Ebates check is usually the largest for the year, so you don’t want to miss out. Just take 2 minutes and go ahead and sign up here. It’s a win-win.

The No-Fail Trick So You Don’t Miss a Penny Of Extra Money:

As soon as you sign up,(which as I mentioned …is free) Ebates will ask you if you want to place an extension on your browser. Yes- yes, you want this. This is important. That way, every store you shop online, Ebates will automatically remind you to hit the button before you check out so that you get your automatic rebate! It is SO. Easy. So definitely grab that Ebates extension button.

So there ya go! Don’t forget to sign up before you start all of that holiday shopping, and thanks for using my link to help me as well. It’s a no-hassle way to earn back some of your hard earned money. The check that you’ll get in the mail in January, will be a lovely little gift to yourself!

I know that the UK has a similar program, but does anyone know if Ebates works in the UK as well? I’ve heard mixed things. Hope that this is helpful for you and Happy Shopping!

P.S.- Coming up I’m excited to give you guys a tour of our Colorado house and to tell you about the latest, greatest thing I’ve been using that has really helped my aging skin!

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Extra Money, the no fail, lazy girl way!