I’ve heard people discount the use of specific creams for the eye area as a scam. They say that you don’t need a special cream for the skin around your eyes. My take on this is that these people are probably still basking in the glow of youth. They still feel completely secure in their insistence on bare minimalism for their delicate eye area. If they aren’t young then perhaps they’ve led a joyless existence up to this point in their lives and have not experienced the fine lines and crows feet around their eyes that are the apparent reward for a happy life. This is sad and therefore I will not mock their smooth, line-less faces.

Eye cream- Do you even need it?

For the rest of us- there’s eye cream. The area around the eyes is more sensitive. It’s thinner and has more specific issues like dryness and milia (those little white bumps), just to name a few. Apparently I have only ever had two expressions on my face for the last 48 years: A continual wide grin that has caused my laugh lines (I prefer the term “laugh lines” to the term “crows feet”, don’t you?), or a massive scowl that has caused a pretty deep crevice between my eyes. Nice.

I hear you- I know what you’re thinking: “For the love of all that is holy Melissa- there’s Botox. Get with the program.” And I know. There’s Botox. But I haven’t done that yet. I don’t really know why- maybe I just like putzin around with creams and different skin care ingredients. Maybe deep in the recesses of my mind I want to believe that science will eventually answer my skin care woes. And also- I’ve seen some bad Botox. You know what I’m talking about- that flat, frozen look……..or the dreaded droopy eye <shriek!> Anyway- in the interest of trying all.the.things, I’ll probably eventually try Botox too- but for now, tell me about your magical eye cream and take my money.

Eye Cream- DO you even need it?
The good people at NeoStrata sent me their Intensive Eye Therapy to try. And let me tell you- I gave this stuff a work out! Most of the time, companies want you to review their skin care products after like 2 weeks of use. But you know what? Two weeks in skin care is like about 5 seconds in real time. Skin care ingredients need TIME to work. SO I’ve been using the NeoStrata eye cream for about 2 months. It’s one of the things that’s stayed constant for me during our moving mayhem.

The key ingredients in NeoStrata Intensive eye cream are: SynerG Formula, Apple Stem Cell Extract, Peptides, NeoGlucosamine, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E.

The NeoStrata Skin Actives line is a high strength line developed to provide true rejuvenating effects on the skin. You only need the tiniest drop so the bottle will last about 3 months or more. It has a pump style dispenser that actually works really well- so no wasting product. It glides on and is absorbed quickly, so no issues using it under makeup. The directions say: “Use once daily for two weeks, then twice daily thereafter.”

Eye Cream- DO you even need it?

Happily, this eye cream has done wonders for the fine lines around my eye area! I really noticed the big improvement when I took this picture the other day. Winston was showing me how awesome he thinks I am because I brought him to Montana. Thats about as wide as my smile goes- and look! No Fine lines! I’m all in.

Eye Cream- Do you even need it?

I am super pleased with the results. My laugh lines are diminished and much less noticeable. I wish I noticed more improvement on my drooping upper lids, but in all honesty the product doesn’t claim to address that area. Does it smooth and minimize lines? You betcha. And I’m so impressed with the improvement in my eye area, I’ve happily added Neostrata to my current line up.

To those who insist that an eye cream is not necessary, enjoy the days of thy haughty youth. The rest of us can purchase the NeoStrata Intensive Eye Therapy HERE.