I recently spoke with one of my sisters and I was telling her that I was trying to look at this whole “stay-at-home” thing as “cocooning”. You know…….where I do all these beauty treatments, take really good care of myself and then emerge from my cocoon after all this is over, a sleek, svelt, better version of myself. We then quickly agreed that with all the carbs we’ve been eating and all the working out I haven’t been doing, I’ll emerge as one of those fat-bodied, brown moths that always looks like it’s struggling to stay in the air. LOL! Ah, sisters…….always keepin’ it real, lol! Here are some of the things helping me in dealing with quarantine.

Ways that I'm dealing with quarantine.
Trench is sold out, but I love this one and this one! Shoes, Chanel Dupe bag, Sunnies

One of the best things that I’ve done for myself (and my whole household) during this pandemic is to limit my news watching. We made a strict rule early on to only watch once a day- I watch (or listen to) the presidential press briefing and then our state Governors briefing if there is one for that day. That’s it. We can stay informed without listening to all of the opinions and what essentially is just white noise. I’ve also used the “unfollow” button liberally on those social media accounts posting about politics or sharing opinion pieces on the pandemic, etc.. It’s helped us to stay so much more positive and productive during this time!

I’ve been concentrating on cooking much more. I truly try to stay out of the grocery store as much as possible and when I do go, it feels weird. Like, I have this 6 ft invisible bubble that I’m walking around in and I’m side-eying anyone who doesn’t understand “social distancing”. A lot of my cooking is done to stretch the groceries that we have as far as I possibly can. For instance: a roast chicken dinner on Sunday, morphs into chicken-veggie wraps the next day for lunch, which morphs into a chicken pasta for dinner and then will ultimately become a delicious chicken broth that I’ll use in some sort of soup. I’m currently trying to find delicious ways to use more frozen veggies, so if you have any ideas, lay ’em on me in the comments!

Ways that I'm dealing with quarantine.
This was April 3. It’s been warm and sunny ever since here in Colorado.

Baths and face sheet masks are my recent indulgence. I told you about the creme de la creme of all at home soaks here, but it is pricey, so it’s saved for moments when I really feel like I need a good detox (like- when we come out of this self-quarantine!). Meanwhile, I LOVE these bath bombs! They are all-natural and contain great ingredients for your skin. The quality of these is amazing and the price is so good, I don’t mind using them whenever I feel like it! So relaxing.

I’ve just about used up every face mask in my drawer (the “beauty” kind- not the other kind everyone is talking about!), but hands down this one is the one that’s made the biggest difference. This is an excellent Korean brand that you MUST try if you haven’t yet. Before COVID-19 life, I was always like, “Oh who has the time for a face mask?” Well, I’ve got the time now sister. May as well try to emerge from quarantine with soft, supple, radiant skin, am I right?

Ways that I'm dealing with quarantine.
tee, joggers (size down), trainers

I also get dressed and do hair and make-up every day. Even if it’s in joggers or leggings. It just makes me feel better!

I couldn’t stand my “man hands” another second, so I’ve been using this DIY, reusable mani. Y’all- it’s SO GOOD. I took this picture and about 30 minutes later, after realizing I’m not Cher- I cut them down and filed them into a reasonable, shortish, square-round shape. I get 8-10 days wear before I need to reapply and that’s with repeated hand washing, dishes, and everything else. I love them and they make me feel so much more put together.

Ways that I'm dealing with quarantine.
DIY mani here.

I’m currently trying out a bunch of root touch-ups and I’ll report back, but this one is doing a good job. Its a powder and it’s temporary, but it does the job of covering dark roots + grays which is what’s going on over here atm.

Another little project I’ve started on is a little container vegetable garden. Growing anything you can eat is one of the most self-satisfying things on this planet. A lot of my gardening things are in storage at the moment but I found these all online to get started with. If you’re a beginner, start with radishes- they always grow and they give quick gratification since they are ready to eat in 30 days. Roasted radishes are ah-mazing! And the greens can be used in a tasty little salad! You can get regular nursery pots (or use containers that you already have). If you set your containers bunched together at different heights, they make a lovely garden wherever you have a little room!

Hopefully my next post will be all about my new at-home workouts!

I can’t end this post without talking about these Adidas sneakers since they are in every photo! Yes, I’m LOVING styling these things! They literally go with anything. If you get them I recommend going down 1 full size. They run very large.

I’d love to hear any tips or ideas that you’ve found over the past few weeks while dealing with quarantine. Good books? Podcasts? Recipes? Hacks? Projects? At Home Work-outs?

Thanks for reading lovelies! Keep doing your bit, the other side of this is going to be so great!