Comfortable Lingerie for big boobs, Boostwr

Are you feelin’ me here? Busty girls have problems too. One of them is finding comfortable lingerie that is also supportive. If you find a blazer difficult to wear and round neck tops make you look like you’re trying to be Marilyn Monroe, you’ve hit upon the right post. If you haven’t been able to wear the so-called “built-in shelf bra” since you were 12 years old and you’ve arrived home more than once to the horror that you’ve apparently been parading around half the day as Chesty LaRue because you’ve unknowingly popped a button, then read on dear friend. You’re going to want to know about this.

A while back Sandra Mimran Smith, the founder of Boostwr sent me one of her one-of-a-kind nighties (“loungerie”) to try and can I just say it’s been my most reached for sleepwear ever since! Sandra and the folks at Boostwr have solved a problem that’s been around for ages. If you are, ahem, on the more well-endowed side, you KNOW what I’m talking about here. I mean is it too much to ask to be able to have cute, comfortable lingerie that I could also feel confident in whilst sipping coffee and scrolling through my feed in the morning?  I mean, you know……without mistakingly putting the girls all out there on display.

Until now, my choices were few if I wanted to:  A. Be comfortable, B.Look cute and pulled together, and C. Not look like I’ve got a couple of baby pigs wrestling under my PJ top! Sorry, TMI but come to think of it, I can’t think of ANY choices if you are above a natural size C cup that will check the aforementioned boxes…..until now.

Enter Boostwr

comfortable lingerie for women with large busts; Boostwr

comfortable lingerie, Boostwr

Maybe you’ve seen Boostwr gushed about in Marie Claire  or Allure ?  It’s a female owned company and a female designed idea, solving a problem for females! See how that works?

The fabric is the first thing that you notice because it feels completely luxurious. Like Buttah. Made of Spandex and Modal, for a feel that is identical to the luxury brand Eberjey.

The design is brilliant. The straps are racer backed and made to adjust in the front. IN THE FRONT Y’ALL. No more contortionist moves trying to adjust the support! They’re stitched down in such a way that there is no twisting or bunching. The cups and support system are probably my favorite thing because………I dunno…….they’re magic? They are SO comfortable and still hold all of me in…..but not too tightly. I’ve never seen another garment made this way. The nightie is extremely high quality and the design and structure of the cups are just brilliant. No spillage!

When you get up in the morning you just easily adjust each strap and Boom! Tah-tah’s tamed, still ultra comfortable and no peep show in the kitchen over coffee!

comfortable lingerie for big boobs, Boostwr

I’ve talked with Sandra many times and besides being just a ray of sunshine and positivity, she is really serious about the integrity of her company. Each piece is made in the USA and that quality shines in the garment. I have given my nightie a real run for its money and it’s still perfect. If anything the repeated washings have made it even softer! That’s right, you just toss it in the washer and then tumble dry on low.

The styles are beautiful, feminine and classic, but they are also absolute workhorses in your wardrobe. In fact, the all black tank top is also perfect for wearing out, under a blazer or a low, v-neck sweater. How’s THAT for double duty? (Available for pre-order here). The Boostwr comfortable lingerie line is classic in styling without being too racy or revealing making it also suitable for young girls with large chests but small frames.

comfortable lingerie for big boobs, Boostwr

If you are big chested, you will not find more comfortable lingerie to put next to your skin. This brand does exactly what it say it does. And I like that. Boostwr is my comfortable and supportive friend, and quite frankly who couldn’t use more of those?

Heres a “sneak peek” at the new color offerings and updated style options coming out in November just in time for the holidays. That charcoal color is really calling my name. Boostwr carries sizes 30C to 38H. They have a sizing chart but if you are at all unsure, just email them, and they will be happy to find your perfect fit.

Comfortable Lingerie, Boostwr
Image from Boostwr

For Fresh Air and False Lashes readers, Boostwr is kindly offering 20% off with code BOOSTUP and Free Domestic Shipping, so you can snag one of these supportive beauties for yourself.

Thanks so much to Sandra Mimran Smith of Boostwr for gifting me with the nightie. She is to be commended for not only solving an age-old problem in the lingerie industry but also for holding her company to such high standards in ethics and transparency (Check out the FAQ section of their site). You can follow Boostwr on Instagram and Facebook .

“Supporting Women Who Need Support”.

Thanks for being here and for taking the time to read my post, as always I hope it proves useful to you in making life over 40, a tad bit easier! Don’t forget to Pin this Post!

Comfortable lingerie for Big Boobs, Boostwr

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