mile a day challenge

Hi ladies!!!! It’s been so fun that so many of you are joining in on facebook for the Mile a Day Challenge. Like I said in my last post, I saw a few influencers doing this challenge on IG and thought it would be great to do one here for my readers. I’m enjoying seeing and hearing in DM’s how many of you ladies are committed to getting it done. Some in the pouring rain, some while traveling and so much more! It’s crazy how hearing each others progress is so inspiring! If you haven’t joined, it’s not too late, just jump right in > You can check out my FB posts here, with daily check-ns, etc.).

At least one mile every day in July. The only rule is that at least a mile must be completed all at once. You can walk, run, hike….whatever. Check out the posts here and see if you are motivated!

How My Mile a Day is Going

As I type, I just completed Day 9. Until today I have been hiking 2-3 miles a day at altitude. We live in Colorado so sometimes these hikes feel like they are uphill both ways, lol. But I #willhikeforviews and they never disappoint around here. The scenery is incredibly inspiring all by its self. The first few days, my legs were super stiff and fatigued. Around Day 7 though, there was a shift and they felt much stronger and ready to climb! At least 2 days I have seriously NOT wanted to stop and take the time, but I got going and as is usually the case- once you get going, you’re so glad that you did. Today I ran on the treadmill for the first time in ages. I ran almost 2 miles (my bad-stopped too soon, lol) at a pace of 9.14 and it felt surprisingly decent! I’ve never been a much of a runner so I’m pleasantly surprised by this!

As of now, I feel great. My Garmin tracks things like my stress levels and VO2Max among others. I’m really excited to see how my stress levels are down and my VO2 Max, (ie. my cardiovascular fitness) is in the top 25% for my age and gender.

What’s Been Helpful

So- hiking every single day means workout clothes that will keep me cool and protected- every. single. day. I’ve found some great running shorts on Amazon as well as some longer length tanks (Please- can we stop w/ the cropped everything?). These along with Fabletics leggings make getting ready in the morning easy and I don’t have to put any thought into it. (Also, if you’re larger chested, these sports bras cannot be beat for both support and price!)

Of course my Garmin watch. I honestly can’t recommend this thing enough. It tracks EVERYTHING and all with very little effort on my part. (Incidentally I just found it here, refurbished, for under $100 which is a crazy good deal!)

mile a day challenge

Having a plan each day. Either the night before or first thing in the morning I plan my “when” and “where”. This is incredibly helpful in assuring it gets done.

This mega water jug. While it isn’t helping me get my mile done, it is incredibly motivating to me to stay hydrated and drink a gallon of water every day! It’s a mind game, I know- you could literally do the same with any gallon jug- but what can I say, I am what I am, lol.

What Can Happen When You Walk 1 Mile Every Day

mile a day challenge

Snaps from our ‘hood

Sometimes I truly can’t believe that I get to live here. I love it so much. Colorado is a place for lovers of the outdoors- And that’s me! All of these pics were taken in and around where we live. I post loads more on my Facebook page and in my Stories on FB. I also post healthy recipes and other inspo to eat healthy for a strong, active body as we age. You can follow me on facebook here. I hope you enjoy the views!

Be sure to leave me any questions or comments below!

mile a day challenge