I don’t own a Chanel bag. I scan thrift and second-hand sites for them regularly, because you never know- but unless my current economic status takes a dramatic upturn, I probably won’t be plunking down a 6 grand investment on a new Chanel bag. But never say never right? I’ll continue to shop for a vintage one, which I think would just be so special.

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Chanel inspired bag on Amazon- review.

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I’ve always loved the look of the beautiful, classic, quilted Chanel flap bag. And I believe it was in 2017 when they came out with a large or “jumbo” size. Anyway, the grained and quilted leather, with the beautiful chain strap detail have become iconic. They will always look so chic and timeless.

Imagine my surprise upon scrolling through Amazon and coming upon this Chanel inspired bag.

Now let me be the first to say that Amazon sells some real crap. I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve been fooled into purchasing something through Amazon Prime,more than once, only to realize it was complete junk. Not fun.

That’s the reason I wanted to share this bag with you. I thought there might be someone else out there who, like me, would really love to wear this look, but might not be able to hit that price point just yet. You guys- I cannot believe how nice this bag is!

Chanel inspired handbag on Amazon. Full Review.

After finding the bag and scouring through the comments on Amazon, I pulled the trigger to purchase. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I did get it in two days (I mean- call me a red-blooded American- but I don’t want to go back to a life where I pay extra for shipping and have to wait 10 days to get my items!) and this bag is gorgeous. It’s real leather, has beautiful stitching on the quilted detail (no threads hanging, etc) and the chain is heavy duty and runs through the bag so that you can wear it over the shoulder or over your wrist. The company that sells this Chanel inspired bag on Amazon is called Ainifeel. The bag comes well wrapped and packaged and arrives inside a dust jacket. The pocket placement is just like the authentic Chanel bag and the inside is a beautiful, rich, burgundy color. All the hardware is beautiful and seems well crafted (not just glued on, etc). There are loads of pictures and videos on Amazon here.

A Chanel Inspired bag on Amazon! A full review.

The only downside to this bag that I can see, aside from not being an actual Chanel bag, lol is that it’s heavy. I assume this is because of the size, the leather and all the chain detailing. I don’t know if the metal hardware will tarnish over time so that might be something to consider or ask when purchasing.

I will probably order another bag from this seller in the future and when I do, I’ll be sure to review it here. But this is a beautiful, quality bag and if you are looking for a Chanel inspired bag you can feel confident ordering this bag from this seller on Amazon.

If you’re looking for used or vintage Chanel bags here are a few beautiful ones that I found.

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The Chanel Inspired Bag that You Can Buy on Amazon. Full Review.

Do you have a Chanel bag? More than one? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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