And sharing a little more personal backstory.

Most of you know that I also work for my husband’s company. I handle social media, business travel, all executive assistant duties as well as a lot of other behind the scenes duties that are related to his business ( you can find out more here about our company, if you’re interested!).

This year we already have quite a bit of travel on the books. This is all new to me because usually when my husband and I travel, it’s been for a vacation. Obviously, my husband has done a LOT of business travel in his line of work. And our children are all quite good travelers having all been on solo trips to different countries by themselves on numerous occasions.

In Israel
Me & the kids in Israel many moons ago.
Our son, holding the deadly gaboon viper while on a solo trip to south africa
Our son on a solo trip to South Africa, holding the deadly Gaboon Viper after being expressly forbidden to do that by his parents back in the US. <eye roll>

In fact, our daughter works as a bush guide in South Africa at Toro River Lodge! If you’ve ever wanted to go to SA, I can highly recommend this particular private lodge and the entire “African Dream Safari” experience. (More to come on that later this year!)

Our daughter who works as a bush guide in South Africa.
THIS girl has carved out quite the life for herself!

So while travel is certainly nothing new for us… travel is new to me.

Can you use business travel for pleasure?

This year we are traveling for business and attempting to squeeze in a little relaxation at the same time. And to be quite honest, this has set my mind reeling. Obviously, our travel schedule will be much tighter than usual, but I’m really trying to figure out the packing sitch!

Me and the husband trekking across a frozen glacier in the alps.
Me and the husband trekking across a frozen glacier in the alps.

In a few months we are scheduled to travel to Europe making several hops to different countries. We have meetings scheduled and somewhere in between, I’ll try (read: ” I WILL”) squeeze in a bit of downtime.

One dilema is that we typically would travel with just a carry on plus one (and let me tell you…I KNOW how to maximize every inch of space in a plus one!). I’m feeling like that will be fairly impossible since we will have to pack business attire (and SHOES!) along with all the rest that we would normally bring. More time in the cities means more clothes!

Backpacking (er…resting) across the Swiss Alps with our children. Carry-on only!

Do you and/or your spouse travel for business? For pleasure? Have you ever tried to mix the two? It will either be brilliant or a complete disaster that we can’t wait to return home from!

I’m working feverishly to get things planned and make sure we’ve covered all of our bases for work- and THEN I’ll try to work on squeezing in a bit of down time. But as I wrestle with this packing bit, I’d love to hear any suggestions that you may have regarding packing. Particularly for a multi country trip. Anything at all that you’ve found helpful in the planning? I’m sure I’ll be returning to this as our trips get closer. Thanks so much for reading, sharing and commenting! You are all seriously, the best!

Until next time lovelies!

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