Well- it’s been pretty busy here at the Williams hacienda lately. My little ole blog is feeling neglected- but not for long! We have been slaving away at our other business-in-badassery, which you can learn about here if you’re interested- and it’s finally paying off! We’ve tipped over the top of that long, arduous, uphill climb that *IS* starting and building your own business. Hallelujah! AND- the husband and I are still married – not even in counseling- after working so closely for the last 2 years, so high fives all the way around! Well done everyone! 😀 More on all that stuff later.

Now, can we discuss the important things of life? Like beautiful dresses and boob tape? UPDATE: Use code: FRESHBOOB through 8/31 for 10% off your entire order here.

Boob tape that works!
Dress, sandals, bracelets here, here and here.

Ok, so for me this dress ticks a lot of boxes and let’s face it- it’s still summer y’all. Even though everyone is pushing cardigans and jackets……..it’s still hot out and you may need an adorable, flattering and unbelievably comfortable dress! The color is so stunning and it looks amazing with a good self-tanner application. I love this boutique because they’re prices are good and the dresses on their site are so feminine! I’ve linked some others that I think will look beautiful on all body types. Just click any dress to shop the boutique:

The high neckline is so flattering on everyone, and the way it’s cut gives an instant slimming appearance. It isn’t see-through and has an elastic waist. That’s right…..elastic. Around the waist. Because food.

This dress is backless, which would typically have me passing it right on by. Strapping my DD’s down in a contortionists garment in just not my idea of a good (and comfortable) time!

Boob Tape that works!
Earrings were an Amazon find here.

Enter: Boob Tape.

I was gifted several packages from this company to try out. I callously and with the bitter skepticism, expected ZERO results.

But hold the phone ladies, we have ourselves a game changer!

This tape is the real deal. “Tape” really isn’t the way I’d describe this. It feels more like an incredibly thin, strong bandage. It is completely skin-like when applied and totally undetectable. It’s waterproof and will last every second of 8 hours and then some. This is great for under swimsuits – just don’t sunbathe in it because it is adhesive. (You can watch a detailed description in my Instagram Highlights. And please follow me there! )

You literally can lift and shape the breasts with this tape. This stuff holds like crazy. You don’t need to fear that this will slip- IT WON’T SLIP. And once it’s in place, it’s actually very comfortable and quite freeing! Much better than all those tight straps, etc.

Boob Tape that works!
Photo from Boob Tape. Shop here.

It is a one-time-use product and there are 3 uses to a package. If you are over a C cup, I highly recommend getting the actual TAPE as well, to ensure that you can get the look you want with whatever neckline you are dealing with and however large your breasts are. This stuff works and it works well. You can also trim it to help achieve any look imaginable.

Shop for Boob Tape here: Use Code: FRESHBOOB for 10% off your entire order until 8/31.

The application has a little learning curve so be sure to watch the videos and read the instructions on the site before you apply them. Removal was terrifying. I was completely terrified to even TRY to remove the boob tape because it had been on for 8 hours and hadn’t BUDGED. And I’ll tell ya- it wasn’t pleasant. But it also wasn’t painful and the last time that I used this boob tape, it was no big deal at all. There was a tiny bit of residue left after removal, but a bit of coconut oil made short work of that, no problem.

So there ya have it! All boob tape is NOT created equal but THIS brand works and you can buy with complete confidence that this will hold you up and help you feel comfortable and completely carefree in that plunging neckline or backless dress! Honestly- a dream come true if you have a larger bust. This has been added to my little stash of wardrobe tricks that I will never be without. Use code FRESHBOOB for 10% off your entire order until 8/31.

If you have any questions about boob tape or this dress- don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments or DM me through IG or FB!

Boob Tape that works! 8+ hours and waterproof!

Have a great week ladies!