These are the best blogging tools that I’ve used to grow my blog from making zero dollars to bringing in an income that is rapidly growing beyond what I ever imagined possible. When you start a blog, everyone is telling you what you need and it all costs money that your blog isn’t making. I made a lot of costly mistakes over the years and now I now feel very confident in being able to share and recommend all of these blogging tools to you. These are the companies that I currently use and LOVE and I have no plan to change a single one. Many of these have affiliate links so you get a discount on the service by using the link and I may get a small commission. Here are the best blogging tools you need to build a successful blog.

best blogging tools



Once I got set up on WordPress. ORG I needed to find a web hosting site. At first I went with Blue Host. I had quite a few issues getting set up and then whenever I needed help as a new blogger, the customer service was spotty at best…..and it was just confusing! I eventually switched to Siteground and my troubles were over. The switch over was super easy and smooth. Siteground made my site FAST, which helps it rank better in Google (=$). It has amazing features like security, site back-ups etc that give me peace of mind and eliminate the need for a bunch of other WordPress plug-ins that will slow down my site. My advice is to put your site with Siteground and relax! If you use any of my links it’s only $6.99/month which is a no brainer. I’m all about the set it and forget it and the hosting area is a place that bloggers can really get tangled in the confusing weeds. Just sign up with Siteground and keep moving with your blog!

Website Theme


I went through a lot hassle when my blog was new, trying to figure out how to use themes and which ones to use. I love my latest theme and how easy it was to set up and use! It’s by WPZoom and I love that it conforms to Googles theme standards as well. It’s easy to change any of the looks and elements on the blog, it loads fast and the customer service is great! All of their themes are built to work beautifully with wordpress and they even have the option for someone else to set up the whole thing for you here > SET IT UP FOR ME. WPZoom themes are under $100 and right now you can buy ALL the themes for only $99! You’d never need another.


Best blogging tools

Let’s just get one thing straight right now. I STRUGGLE with photography. One of the best pieces of advice I received was to start out with a simple, refurbished camera. Here’s the one I still use and it’s a fraction of the price of a new one. If you’re just learning the basics and don’t have buckets of money to spend I highly recommend going this route. You will benefit greatly from a simple tripod setup and you’ll want to grab some remote buttons. I try to only shoot in natural light, but this little ring light setup is super handy for shooting makeup tutorials, etc for my Insta and FB stories. A smaller tripod/selfie stick for my Iphone is helpful in certain situations as well.

I use and love Lightroom and also Nicky Presets for a lot of my photos. There are loads of tutorials for using Lightroom and achieving the look that you want. I do all my work on a MacBook Pro and I love it SO much and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I would very much like to upgrade to this Iphone for the camera quality it provides but when you are just starting out, you work with what you have.




One of the best things I ever did for my blog was to sign up for Tailwind and start using it with Pinterest. If you are just starting out my advice is to put a lot of time into learning SEO and using Tailwind for Pinterest. Your blog is nothing if no one reads it so getting traffic to your blog is really the key to monetization. You can use my link here > TAILWIND and get $15 off your sign up. It is hands down the best piece of advice I can offer to new bloggers because it will get you more traffic faster! The PLUS version is 100% worth it if you are trying to monetize your blog. But simultaneously keep learning and implementing SEO strategies and you will be ahead of the game!


Canva is the easiest, most user friendly graphic design hub out there. I use and love the Pro version. It allows me to create transparent images so it’s great for professional looking logos, blog graphics (all those collages!), Pinterest pins and really any other graphics you could ever imagine all at your fingertips! My love for Canva is for REAL and I hope it never goes away! You can use my link> CANVA to check out some of the premium elements for free. (I created a pinterest pin for this post at the bottom.


Y’all Flodesk is the best, most user friendly email service out there. When you start blogging you want to start a subscriber list stat. Even if you don’t email to it for awhile, start building that list! Mailchimp is free to start but I found it incredibly complicated. Convertkit is free up until you reach 1000 subscribers then they start billing at a whopping $49 a month! Flodesk beats both of these hands down. Beautiful templates and graphics and a pricing structure that simply can’t be beat. It’s $38 a month……forever. No many how many subsrcibers you have. BUT if you use my link here> FLODESK you can get it all for only $19 a month! They made communicating with my subscribers the best it’s ever been and if you are migrating from another provider they make it incredibly simple- it took me less than 5 minutes! Check out FLODESK.

Best Blogging tools


Currently on my wish list for blogging resources is this new Iphone for it’s camera capabilities. I’m also looking at upgrading to a mirrorless camera for one that will better fit my needs and ability level. The one that I’m wanting to upgrade to is this one by FujiFilm.

Did you guys found this useful? I love blogging and I’m really happy with the direction my blog is going these days. It took me a long time to really see the potential and to get a good grasp of where I needed to spend the bulk of my time to achieve a decent ROI. I still have a lot to learn but whats the old saying? “If you work at what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.”

This page will always be updated here> Blogging Resources as my blogging journey continues!

Best Blogging tools