Wow y’all. A lot has happened since my last post. The largest and most time consuming project fell into our laps with the collapse of Afghanistan. Since August, my husband and our small team have been working around the clock to help Americans and our vetted allies to escape the Taliban and to help support those who cannot escape. I really don’t want to talk about all of it here but let’s just say that this monumental effort has been heart breaking and exhausting. And it is ongoing. Our small non profit can be found here if you are interested in being involved or if you’re just curious > . There has been so much travel, long hours, and a lot of frustration. Thousands have been helped and the efforts continue. My own work for this mission is not as time consuming as it once was and for that I am thankful. Please pray for these people still left behind, their situation is desperate to say the least.

Just as the mission to Afghanistan was kicking off- my computer died! ARGH! Trying to work on everything without my own laptop was excruciating! I tell ya- that will really knock the air out of your sails. I just got back up and running last week so I’m thankful to be back in the driver seat over here, lol.

I’ve missed my blog and just the distraction that this little space provides, so I’m beyond delighted to be back here. Escaping the current craziness in our world to talk about things that just make life a little brighter and a little more fun and positive is a necessary focus for all of us.

One of the things that I kept making the time for was to add some Autumn decor to our house. I love the creative outlet of being able to “warm up” our space and get everything looking warm and cozy for the coming seasons. I keep stacks of seasonal pillow covers and throw blankets in a storage closet and I just add one or two each year so that I can mix and match and create new looks each year. This year I went with warm browns and yellows, and added lots of different textures. You can take a look at last years Autumn decor here.

I store the artificial pumpkins and the garland in trash bags when I take them down and I add to them every year. Last year I did a more neutral color scheme. I add a few seasonal candles and just layer different textures around the house for a more cozy feel.

You can shop some my favorites that I picked up this year by clicking on any of the pictures below. It’s a great way to add some warmth and rich color to your home to welcome the fall season.

Speaking of Autumn, the aspens have really put on a show here in Colorado this year! As you drive or walk through stands of these trees it honestly looks like someone plugged them in they are so bright! These pictures were taken in our neighborhood.

We took a quick trip to Estes Park this past week and got there in time for the first snow fall! It was quick but it POURED snow as we were headed to dinner. We always try to get up there for a few days at this time of year to see the elk take over the town during their rut. Our son and his fiancee’ came along as well and it was such a welcomed, relaxing time and the bright skies and cold air really got me looking forward to winter. Coming from the east coast I always say that Colorado does winter right, lol.

Well, that’s a little update on whats been going on around here. I’m excited to be back and I have lots of things to share – some new skincare, a hair update at the end of the month and some great fall staples for your wardrobe.

You can follow me on the LTK app here– I’m SUPER excited about the way that app is being developed! There is going to be so much more going on over there and it will make shopping and finding products, outft ideas, sale finds etc lot more fun and easy. Follow along here> Fresh Air and False Lashes on LTK.

I’m always pinning my heart out over on Pinterest, so follow my Pinterest boards for loads of health and wellness, fashion over 40, home decor and skincare pins.

How have you guys been? Are you staying sane in our crazy-stressed filled world? Have you done anything fun for Autumn yet? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Thanks so much for reading and following.


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