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Athleisure. I’m all about it girls. It was already pretty much the standard uniform here in Colorado, but 2020 brought it to the front of the line around the world. I was discussing this with a good friend the other day and I said, “I mean, really- why would you wear anything else right now?” and she replied, “I KNOW. I had to put on hard pants the other day and I was so mad about it.” I just about died laughing……”hard pants”! Thats where we are ladies. Anyway- I’m committed to athleisure as ardently as I’m committed to Happy Hour these days. I wanted to share the love by giving you a few athleisure outfit ideas to keep you warm, comfy and still looking pulled together while you’re out beating back the savages every day.


The Components of a Winter Athleisure Look

  • Leggings or Joggers– I prefer simple and chic so I go for solid, neutral colors. But If the lack of color drains your world, you do you!
  • Sweater or hoodie– If wearing with leggings, I wear it a little oversized for a bit of length/coverage in the front. You can alternately wear a longer tunic or cami underneath to provide that extra length.
  • Sneakers– I’m loving the current white sneaker trend! Remember our cushy Reebok high tops when we were in high school? The newer version of the trend is chunky sneakers or “dad shoes”, lol. Any sporty sneaker that’s comfortable!
  • Hat (optional, but why not?)- Beanies and baseball caps are the best for a bad hair day.
  • Top layer– Vest or boxy overcoats work great for this look and don’t bunch up over your casual look. A long line cardigan works well too!
  • Belt bag– for hands free livin’. I prefer to wear it slung over like a crossbody because I can reach everything so easily and still have both hands free. (And it doesn’t have to be removed when you get in the car.) If you need something bigger or a little dressier, you could go with a shopping tote or any other crossbody bag.

When I first started experimenting with athleisure all I could think of was that Seinfeld episode when JS says “Wearing sweats outside of your house is like announcing to the world that you’ve given up.” LOL! The current pieces today are slimming and chic. It’s all about simplicity, comfort, looking pulled together and getting stuff done! I love this look so much that I’m buying a few more “core” pieces in other neutral colors like cream and grey. If you are wearing a top that is on the thinner side, it’s a great time to pop it up another notch with some pretty layered necklaces.

Shop My Athleisure

I like the ease and comfort of this look so much that I’ve got my eye on some other pieces to add to my closet. We still have quite a bit of winter ahead of us here in Colorado, so I’m all about adding more elevated loungewear pieces to add more options for my every day uniform. I’ll be saving my “hard pants” for evenings out!. I also love the bag that I’ve linked below. I feel like the monograming and the camel color are so chic but still practical. I’ve also been eyeing the sweater vest trend for spring!

Athleisure in my Cart

How do you like the athleisure trend? Have you found yourself spending more time in lounge wear lately?

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