Hi, I’m Melissa! Thank you for being here! I’m a once-upon-a-time Virginia farm girl, who is¬†living in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

I consider myself a sturdy girl.

I live with my husband JBA, who after 28 years, still makes my world go ’round. Over our years together I have learned to be comfortable wherever I find myself in this world. From a swank hotel in the heart of Jerusalem to a mountain hut in the Alps, to a one-room cabin high in the Rockies, there is beauty and joy wherever you are. My husband and I have managed to raise 3 amazing people, of whom we are incredibly proud.

On these pages, you can expect to find some laughs and encouragement. I don’t find enough helpful information for women in their 40’s and aging is not for the faint of heart, dear friends. While it isn’t my goal to look twenty something, I certainly don’t mind products, procedures, and routines that help slow down the aging process! ¬† I will share with you my beauty and fashion finds for women who AREN’T “Forever 21”. When you are a woman in your 4os and you find something that ACTUALLY works and makes life easier, you need to shout it from the rooftops- and thats what I intend to do here.

There will be style and beauty trials, many miracle creams, and anything and everything that truly makes life easier for women over 40.

There will be wine……. and I don’t like to take life too seriously.

About Me: Fresh Air and False Lashes

In addition, you can expect to find a shameful amount of pictures and stories of our families newest member, Winston. The cutest Saint Bernard in the world who lives a much more famous and adventurous life than me.

About Me

In one way or another it is my absolute goal to leave you with a solution, a pleasant thought for your day and a smile on your face after you visit me here.

The world needs more smiles………and sturdy girls.