I love reading these kind of round up posts from other bloggers, so I thought I’d do my own for this month. The top 10 things I’m loving for the month of July. Can you believe that July is almost over? What the heck is happening? lol. I’m kind of excited for August, to be honest. We have a lot of things happening in our work-life-realm so the next few months could be very exciting. AND in August we can start talking about fall clothes! Also, I’m working on a work wear post for you. I don’t think I’ve ever done one of those on the blog and I’m hoping it will be very useful.

Okay let’s jump in to the top 10 things I’m loving this month. These are random things that I’m loving and using a lot. Things that are making my life easier and/or better right now.

One. This Amazon top. I’m wearing in these pictures. Huge score from Amazon with this tank. It checks all the key boxes for me. The fabric is soft but not see through. It has good length in both the front and the back, the arm holes aren’t cut too low, and I don’t need a strapless bra to wear it. (Wearing this convertible bra). This little tank goes with everything. Like- literally…..EVERYTHING. I have it in white and black. My favorite, most worn look this summer has been with these joggers. So comfortable and laid back, but still pulled together. The Joggers are here and here.

10 things I'm loving this month

Two. This water jug. Yall- this thing is MASSIVE. It holds a gallon of water and while there is ZERO reason why this helps me to drink an entire gallon of water a day- this helps me drink an entire gallon of water a day. SO. There ya have it. It also comes in a ton of colors as well as a half gallon size here. (The smaller one would be a good motivator for getting kids to drink more water as well).

Three. This exact Shark vacuum. Most of you know that we have a St. Bernard. The hair situation here is for real. While we’ve had other vacuum’s that will pull up the hair, the roller inevitably becomes a giant hair ball! Having to give my vacuum a hair cut all the time just isn’t my idea of a good time. This Shark vacuum has been a god-send. It really and truly sucks up dirt and hair and the roller stays clean! Thank you Shark!

Four. The book The Road Less Traveled totally blew my mind. It was written in the 70’s and was on the NYT best seller list for 10+ years ! It’s a book that explains psychotherapy in a warm and inviting voice, if you can imagine that. The author takes complicated issues and gently leads the reader through allowing them to come to their own conclusions. If you haven’t read it- highly recommend. Absolutely fascinating book.

Five. This Charlotte Tilbury blush. I thought blush was a thing of the past for my 51 year old face. Then I tried this in the shade Cheek to Chic. It’s beautiful. I use just the tiniest bit so it will probably last me FOR.EVER. But like all Charlotte Tilbury products- there’s just something magical about it. Take my money. I’m wearing it here.

Six. This makeup case is such a good dupe for the Truffle ClarityJetset case here. The dupe isn’t leather of course, it’s only $13 vs. $88- but it’s the most lovely case to hold your makeup or for travel. The top has a transparent window, so you don’t have to dump every.single.thing. out to get what you’re looking for. It’s chic and gets the job done!

Seven. These Adidas leggings. I am obsessed with all things Adidas right now. I love both the look and feel of these with the 3 stripe detail. the thickness will make them perfect for fall and winter. I’m also stalking these Adidas shoes in the black/white/silver color way on the N Sale to see if they restock them. (fingers crossed).

Eight. Turkish Bath towels. I am a sucker for a luxurious bath towel. It’s hard to find a good seet at an affordable price. These luxury towels are still on major sale. I restocked our baths with these and I’ve washed them several times- the loft gets better with each wash and dry. I always get all white. These should last for many years and are still marked down on major sale.

Nine. Amika Un. Done. Volume and Texture Spray. If you have fine hair this stuff is great for giving it body and texture! I put this on just-washed/dried hair and it really pumps up the volume of my fine hair. This brand has a great dry shampoo and an incredible hair mask as well!

Ten. Lastly I have to mention my Garmin Hybrid watch. I’ve discussed all it’s specifics and why I love it so much here. But since we’ve been doing the Mile a Day Challenge in July, I love it even more. It just works SO well, with so little effort from me. It tracks EVERYTHING. Steps, Activity, sleep, stress, calories burned…….and SO much more. It will even track your cycle if you want it to. I also wanted to share that since mine is an older version, I was able to find it here for well under the original asking price.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Let me know some of the random things you’ve been loving lately. Also, don’t forget to follow me on facebook where we talk every day about beauty, fashion, fitness motivation and inspiration among other things.


10 things I'm loving this month